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Practical Solution to Buy Steam Wallet Using OVO

To buy your favorite games on Steam, of course we need to fill in the Steam Wallet. Especially for us gamers who don’t have a credit card to use on Steam. So, to fill up your Steam Wallet, you can use a Steam voucher. You can buy Steam vouchers and then exchange them for balance for Steam Wallet.

For those of you who want to buy Steam Wallet using OVO, you can use the following method. This method will make it easier for you to buy games on Steam using OVO.

Buy Steam Wallet at UniPin, Pay Using OVO

To purchase Steam Wallet, you can buy it directly at UniPin. Later you can pay using OVO. Because OVO is one of the payment methods available on UniPin. In addition to using OVO, you can also pay using various services e-wallet other. Call it GoPay, DANA, ShopeePay, and others.
e-wallet on UniPin

Not only can you use it for Steam payments, you can also use OVO to top up various online games. Such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and many more. You can pay for all games available on UniPin using OVO. Plus, OVO and UniPin always present the latest promos. To see the latest promos on UniPin, you can check here: online game top up promo.

How to Buy Steam Wallet Using OVO

Here are the steps for purchasing a Steam Wallet using OVO.

  1. Go to web, then go to the page buy Steam Wallet.
  2. Then select the voucher nominal that you want to buy. There are a choice of vouchers ranging from 6 thousand to 600 thousand.
    buy Steam Wallet
  3. Next, specify the payment method to be used. To pay using OVO, choose payment using e-walletthen select pay using OVO.
    pay using OVO
  4. Then enter your email for confirmation of Steam voucher purchase. Later the voucher code will also be sent to the email. So make sure the email is correct.
    purchase confirmation
  5. After confirmation, immediately make a payment using the OVO application that you are using.
  6. After the payment is successful, the Steam voucher code will be sent directly to your email.

So here you can immediately exchange the voucher code to fill up the Steam Wallet. To exchange vouchers, you can exchange them directly here: When accessing the page, make sure you are logged into your Steam account so you can exchange the code.

After the redemption is successful, the Steam balance will be filled immediately and you can immediately use it to shop for your favorite games on Steam. How, it’s so easy right? Now you can buy the game vouchers you need using OVO through the UniPin service. Good luck and happy gaming!

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