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Popular Hero Mage Attraction Harith Mobile Legend

Don’t judge a book by its cover, That saying also applies when you see a figure Harith Mobile Legend. Behind his tiny stature and adorable cute face, Harith is one of the heroes that should not be underestimated.

He has several skills enough to annoy your opponent. In fact, if played by the right players, Harith can be incredibly agile and agile. Then, what are the attractions of Harith as a popular Mage hero in Mobile Legend? Come on, see the full review here.

Why is Harith Mobile Legend Popular?

Harith mobile legends image

The Feline or cat-human race is the origin of Harith. He is said to be a talented magician who is good at playing space and time. Nickname Time Traveler was pinned on Harith thanks to this talent.

In fact, nickname Wizard of Seal also attached to Harith. He also holds the title of lieutenant of magic of the Moniyan nation. All these skills made the people of Moniyan rely so much on Harith. Whenever they need his help, Harith will be ready to visit and help the Moniyan people.

A little Harith Mobile Legend story gives you a clear picture of what the background of this Mage hero is. However, it is popular because it has the following series of advantages.

Agile and not easily killed

Not all Mages have skills to escape alias escape. Chrono Dash Skill Skills allows Harith to change places in a short time. Not only that, skills it can also create damage to the enemy while building shield to Harith continuously. You can imagine, he is not only agile, but has self-protection so that he is not easily killed by the enemy.

Easy to control as long as you know how to target the enemy

Many players find it difficult to master Harith. Because, all skills This Mage hero demands the player’s ability to control every movement. However, once you know and understand very well how to target the enemy, controlling Harith becomes much easier, you know. At the very least, maximizing the magician’s abilities is not as difficult as Kagura or Selena.

Known as a annoying nuisance hero

Yes, Harith is already known as amazingly agile and agile hero annoying nuisance to the enemy. Moment early game for example, he can finish off lane minions in the blink of an eye. Harith’s agility keeps him free from enemy hunting. Time cooldown skills which is relatively short also gives Harith many opportunities to release attacks. That’s why enemy heroes will be annoyed with Harith’s presence.

Attack magic Harith can create damage tall

Critical magic damage Harith is not kidding, you know. The enemy had a hard time predicting when he would launch a massive attack.damage tall. The reason is, the initial attack that is released tends to be ordinary, but can suddenly create damage high because it is in phase critical. Once you immerse the right items like Berseker’s Fury and Holy Crystals, Harith’s attacks can be so terrifying!

here Skills Harith mainstay

Harith Mobile Legends Skills

After knowing the series of advantages that make Harith popular among Mobile Legend players, now is the time for you to learn what to do Harith Mobile Legend skills. From skills passive up to ultimate, here he is skills the mainstay of the talented wizard Harith.

Skills passive, Key Insight

Armed with skills With this passive, Harith can give an immediate reduction effect time controlled up to 70% on a number of enemy heroes in the vicinity. Example time controlled what is meant in the form of debuffs, as knocked up, slow, and stunned.

Skills 1, Synchro Fission

Spam skills Harith’s masterpiece is able to create damage AoE which is quite large. At level 1 alone can reach 360 damage!

Skills 2, Chrono Dash

Effect blink is a unique effect produced when Harith released skills this. If you notice, when he wears skills 2, Harith will get basic attack damage buff, shield absorb, as well as a reduction in duration cooldown about 4 seconds. This is what makes Harith difficult to beat because he actually builds a shield to protect himself.

Ultimate skill, Age of Force

Did you know that ultimate Harith’s doubles? Yes, you can experience two effects at once when it releases skills ultimate. First, Harith will give buff to reduce time cooldown skills 2 for 4 seconds. Second, Harith also created immobilize debuff 1.2 seconds long and effects slow 50% for ultimate is active.

Recommended Harith Mobile Legend Items

harith mobile legends build

Well, you need to equip Harith’s supplies with items that can maximize skills the. Of the many items available, here are: Harith Mobile Legend build items that you can use.

Calamity Reaper

This item has the role of confirming true damage every Harith launch skills. So, damage output earned will increase dramatically as you play.

Magic Shoes

Remembering Harith need skills to defend and attack, this item selection will help him through phases cooldown. Even so, Harith can choose any shoe because he doesn’t really need a high speed of movement.

Holy Crystal

This item is capable of creating magic power and magic attack as needed Harith. As a “cheap” version of bloodwings, embedding this item will benefit you when playing in late game thanks to addition magic attack in the form of a presentation.

Concentrated Energy

Own Spell Vamp highest compared magic equipment otherwise, you can make Harith in team fight longer than the opposing team’s Mage. Plus, a 10% HP return if you kill an enemy is good enough to restore Harith’s energy for midgame.

Tips to Maximize Harith’s Strength

Harith Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Every hero must have weaknesses, as well as Harith. However, you can cover up that weakness by maximizing Harith’s strengths through the following tips.

Avoid heroes burst damage since the beginning

Especially while still early games. Because damage the result is not that big, you should focus on filling it up mid or bottom lane. Take care and farming keep going until you pocket two core equipment.

Maximize skills according to purpose

Use Synchro Fission to do the cleaning lane rapidly. Temporary, Chrono Dash you can activate with the target destroy towers.

Secure three core equipment first

If you already have three core equipment, you can just join the hunt for enemy heroes and roam to lane other. Lock the enemy that is your target with ultimate and optimize two skills others so that the enemy feels the pain damage Harith.

Harith Mobile Legend indeed includes a unique Mage hero figure with dangerous attack actions. As long as you follow the tips above, victory is ready to welcome you in front of your eyes. Happy experimenting with Harith!

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