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Popular Android Chess Games 2022

One of the games that almost all ages can play is chess. From then until now, games This brain teaser is very popular. This is proven by the many developers games launched its digital products on the Play Store which can be downloaded for free or paid.

The following is a brief review of ten games android chess popular in 2022.

best android chess game

Mango Chess

Games made by Indoplay can be considered as games best android chess at the moment. The reason is, there are many special features that you can use to increase your game satisfaction, including:

  • The game is carried out real-time.
  • There are many play room options that can be adapted to the character of each player.
  • During match time, players can still chat and send emoticons through pop-up
  • Chart games feels so real.
  • Supported by a choice of languages, English and Indonesian.
  • Accounts on Mango Chess can also be used for other games developed by Indoplay.
  • There is a choice of game levels, from beginners to experts.

good news, games it’s available for free on the Play Store so anyone can try it.

3D Chess

When looking for games 3D android chess, don’t miss the 3D Chess game—chess game most popular by Alienforce—from download list. Because of its popularity, this application has been played online by more than 1 million user accounts worldwide.

Chess On line

Play and win rewards in the form of coins in Chess Online! The more coins collected, the greater the chance to have a cool and unique Avatar. In addition, the victory in each match will also contribute to an increase in ranking as a player.

In Chess Online, You are free to choose to compete with random opponents or play with friends.

Chess – Play & Learn

Enjoy the excitement of playing chess while learning the right tactics from the world’s chess players. You can watch thousands of video tutorials related to how to win the game in just a few steps.

Not only that, the deep community forum games It is also very active for sharing experiences and learning so that you will be more trained to play chess.

Games Chess – Play & Learn can be named as games the best android chess. The reason is, the developer not only packages the game details in an attractive way, but also designs interaction media between players and members actively. So, it is not surprising that this chess game application from has been downloaded by more than 452,452 users.

Warrior Chess

Chess fighter, let’s hone your hidden talent right now! The one and only Warrior Chess games chess that provides features “hint“for the players. So, if you experience a deadlock while playing, just use this feature. Meanwhile, you can also save and reload games to be completed later if you feel tired playing.

As the name implies, this game offers the theme of the struggle in the battle of Hastings in the 1066s. The high resolution offered brings real impact to the player’s eyes when viewing the pawns on the screen.

DroidFish Chess

Size game-Its relatively small size is one of the strong attractions for lovers of chess games on mobile phones. How to use it is fairly simple (user friendly) so it won’t confuse novice players.

Before playing, first adjust your level of difficulty so that the match feels more challenging.

Chess Free

Chess Free was developed by Al Factory Limited—one of the developer the best game selected by the Play Store with awards four times in a row (2011, 2012, 2022, and 2022).

The title of the top developer does not seem to be a mere boast if you look at the variety of features embedded in the game application.

  • 12 choices of game levels, from beginner to expert.
  • 2 Select mode, learning (casual) and compete (pro).
  • Rating system by account
  • Game options in 2D as well as 3D.
  • Play on line and


Multiplayer chess is easy with Lichess. In fact, based on reviews from several users, games Lichess greatly assisted them in holding chess tournaments in their respective territories.

Unfortunately, Lichess doesn’t belong games android chess multiplayer bluetooth so you still need an internet network to play with friends.


Next is choice games android chess offline best, namely Chess. So, even if there is no internet package, you can still get rid of boredom by playing chess in this application made by CanaryDroid.

Interesting features are also available in the Chess application, such as game levels up to 10 levels of difficulty, replay function, 2D or 3D display, 6 beautiful theme options, and auto save.

Chess Master

ChessPro09Free managed to spoil fans games strategy through his chess game, Chess Master. With a simple menu display, games This makes it easier for users to play.

Developer designed seven level game. So, you can choose according to level desired difficulty. Although the difficulty level is not as much games On the other hand, Chess Master still offers the best and most difficult gameplay in every game level-his.

Benefits of Playing Chess

best offline android chess game

It should be noted that playing chess is not only fun, but also offers positive benefits for the players. Some of them are as follows.

1. Optimizing Brain Function

Experts and doctors agree that chess is one of the activities to maintain brain health. This is also supported by various studies which have found that playing chess regularly can increase a person’s brain capacity.

2. Prevents senile dementia

senile dementia is a memory disorder and can affect anyone. To prevent this, doctors recommend that you regularly train your brain’s ability to think. One way is through the game of chess.

3. Sharpen Intelligence

Planning and solving problems is a mandatory process when playing chess. For this reason, the thinking ability of chess players is always trained. As a result, intelligence will continue to increase.

A study says that children who like to play chess have above average academic achievements compared to those who don’t play chess at all.

4. Increase Creativity

When playing chess, players are required to find ways to beat opponents with strategic steps. This is what then indirectly hone the creativity of players.

5. Train Concentration

Concentration is closely related to the brain’s ability to think. Difficulty concentrating indicates that you are not exercising your brain’s performance. Now, Regarding the first point, chess is the best way to train concentration.

That was the choice and the benefits games android chess popular 2022. Let’s play chess more exciting, come on buy credit games chess on UniPin.

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