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Pokemon UNITE headed for Mobile September 2022

Recently, TiMi Studios and Nintendo have announced a spin-off of a Pokemon-themed MOBA. The spin-off title itself is named Pokemon UNITE and released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Now you can play Pokemon UNITE on Nintendo Switch. That’s right, the game is now officially released for Nintendo Switch. This MOBA game comes like a typical MOBA game, only with a Pokemon theme.

Pokemon themed MOBA game!

In the last few years, MOBA-themed games have really caught the attention of fans, especially on the Mobile platform. Call it like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor to Wild Rift.

Seeing this success, it is not surprising that TiMi Studios and Nintendo are also interested in presenting games with the same theme but with different concepts. They also achieved great success through the Nintendo Switch since it was first released.

Pokemon Unite to Mobile

It’s not enough for the Switch alone, now Pokemon UNITE will certainly be released via the Mobile platform as well. That’s right, in the near future you can play Pokemon UNITE on the Mobile platform.

This free-to-play MOBA game is certain to launch for Android and iOS devices in September without a definite release date. TiMi Studios promises to provide the maximum Pokemon UNITE game experience for Mobile gamers.

Not only like MOBA games in general, there are many interesting features that Pokemon UNITE tries to offer in the game. This makes this game even more interesting to play.

Pokemon UNITE is now available to play for free on Nintendo Switch and will be releasing for Android and iOS in September this year.

sources: The Gamer

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