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PlayStation Mobile Project will be Announced Soon

Last week, news emerged saying that the PlayStation would be dropping into the Mobile market. This news itself comes directly from Kenichiro Yoshida as CEO of Sony Group Corporation. He said that the company will carry out their direction this year.

Yoshida said that the PlayStation would be quite suitable to descend into the smartphone market. Moreover, there are already several other large companies that have made huge profits through this market.

Sony is ready to drop into the Mobile market

Playstation's Mobile Project Will Be Announced Soon
Jim Ryan | Metro

This news is reinforced through Sony’s latest job vacancies. Where they are known to be looking for the Head of Mobile. This indirectly makes fans can guess at least a little of Sony’s plans in the future.

This plan has now been clarified again by PlayStation boss – Jim Ryan. Through a joint interview with Axios, he spoke in detail about their plans. Ryan said that they will soon announce a mobile game that is being prepared.

Announce soon

Playstation's Mobile Project Will Be Announced Soon
Jim Ryan | Medcom

In fact, he emphasized that this announcement would come sooner than expected. Furthermore, Ryan said that the plans for the Mobile project that they have been working on so far will soon be able to display it to the public.

But unfortunately, Ryan did not come up with details about what kind of project they will announce. But the possibility will be able to meet the expectations of fans so far. Mobile platforms are certainly not their only plan for the future.

Hermen Hulst as Head of PlayStation Studios also said that Sony has a strategy to go down to the PC market through their exclusive games. All of these plans certainly indicate that Sony is ready to attack the gaming industry and not only focus on consoles.

Apart from all that, the Mobile market is certainly quite different from the console market that Sony has dominated so far. Lastly, Ryan also talked about the possibility that they could bring console exclusive games to the Mobile platform.

It is also possible that Sony will make purchases of Mobile studios with popular IPs. Will Sony be able and successful by going down to the Mobile market? Interesting for us to wait.

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