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PlayStation Boss Wants to Support Crossplay More Features!

It’s no secret to know that the PlayStation is a console that doesn’t really support crossplay. When compared to other consoles, PlayStation is indeed more supportive of not presenting this cross-platform feature.

This allows players on the PlayStation console not to meet players on other platforms. This is of course inversely proportional to other platforms that strongly support this feature, including Xbox.

Sony is getting interested in the Crossplay feature

Playstation Boss Wants to Support Crossplay Features
Jim Ryan | polygon

Even so, in recent years there have been many games on the PlayStation that support the crossplay feature. Call it like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Minecraft and many more.

This indirectly proves that Sony has indeed begun to be interested in bringing the crossplay feature on their console. Although not really supportive, and still in the comfort zone.

Luckily, Jim Ryan as the boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that he was interested in supporting this one feature. We can know this through his latest interview with Axios.

There will be many PlayStation games that support cross-platform features

Playstation Boss Wants More Support for Crossplay 1 1
Jim Ryan | Youtube

Ryan said that his company will increase the number of cross-platform multiplayer for PlayStation games. Furthermore, he said that the PlayStation console is indeed superior in the market, but is not interested in connecting its users with users of other platforms.

But this will soon change after knowing that this feature has been successful and works through various PlayStation multiplayer games today. Not only that, Ryan also emphasized that in the future there will be many PlayStation games that will bring this feature.

Despite all that, Sony is indeed quite controversial with this one feature. Where previously there have been various reports saying that Sony asked the developer for additional benefits when presenting this feature in their games.

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