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PlayStation Begins to Enter the Mobile Industry

It was recently discovered that Sony has opened a job vacancy for the Head of Mobile. This indirectly makes us guess at least a little of Sony’s plans in the future.

Sure enough, Sony is now certain to enter the Mobile market as previously predicted. The mobile market has grown very rapidly in recent years. Sony didn’t want to miss out on trying their luck either.

Sony is interested in the Mobile market

Playstation Starts Plunge into the Mobile Industry
God of War | Pocket-lint

Apart from those who have always focused on console production, exclusive games that basically don’t look at the Mobile market at all. But now the era has changed, where many game companies have achieved great success because of this market.

Kenichiro Yoshida as CEO of Sony Group Corporation said that the company will change their direction in 2022. Yoshida believes that Sony will be very suitable if it comes down to the Mobile industry following the current direction of development.

Sony plans and strategies

Playstation Begins to Enter the Mobile Industry 1 1
Sony PlayStation | Game Freaks

Moreover, at this time there are indeed many examples of companies that have great success because they choose to go down to the Mobile market. Call it like Tencent to EA which until now is even more focused on this market.

Apart from that, there are no further details about Sony’s plans or strategies to drop into the Mobile market. Will they soon announce their latest project as their main spear? Interesting for us to wait.

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