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Nintendo Switch Pro To Be Announced This Week?

The past few weeks we’ve been haunted by various rumors and leaks regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro. Although basically nothing has been confirmed regarding this by Nintendo itself.

When you’ve been playing on the internet lately, you know that there’s indeed a lot of news about the Nintendo Switch Pro. This next-gen switch has been a hot topic for a long time.

The presence of Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors To Be Announced This Week
Nintendo Switch | Zetizen

Even more so when Sony and Xbox have launched their own next-gen consoles later this year. Of course it will be interesting to see what Nintendo will do when they find out that they are always in the middle of the two camps.

But again Nintendo still chooses to be silent about this latest Switch console. Rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro recently came from a report from Bloomberg last week.

Then this news was also supported by an insider named – Emily Rogers, who both said that the Switch Pro would be announced soon, even before E3 was held this month.

Will it be announced this week?

Starting from here, the rumors continued to spread to the internet and even made fans wonder. Even Amazon Mexico is teasing fans with the hybrid console. Now, the rumors have started to subside since the previous few days.

But now, there have been rumors that are quite convincing from insiders regarding the announcement of the latest Nintendo Switch. Through a Twitter account, XboxEra co-founder named – Shpeshal_Nick posted that he had personally heard of the latest Switch reveal.

According to the news, it is likely that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be announced this week, to be precise, on Thursday. He also said that this news is not necessarily true, and may even continue to be postponed as has happened in the past.

But again we need to remind that this is just a rumor for now. Let’s wait for the truth of this news on next Thursday. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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