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PlayStation 5 Confirmed to Play 4000+ PS4 Games!

PlayStation 5 can play 4000+ games

Recently, Sony has made a presentation about the PlayStation 5 Console which was brought by Mark Cerny as the Lead Architect of the PlayStation. The presentation explained the specifications of the PlayStation 5 Console itself which was announced on March 18 yesterday.

But at that time Cerny had mentioned that the PlayStation 5 console would later be able to support 100 games from the PlayStation 4 thanks to their backward compatibility capabilities.

Sony also just confirmed that there was a slight error in the presentation. Sony said that Cerny’s word for 100 games at the time was the number of PlayStation 4 games they had tried.

It is known that later the PlayStation 5 can run more than 4,000 PlayStation 4 games smoothly with the potential for even higher resolutions and frame rates. Now they are evaluating the games one by one to find problems they need to fix from the developers.

PlayStation 5 itself is planned to be released by Sony right at the end of 2022.

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