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Playing Football Manager 2022, What's the Fun?

Android device owners as well as football team manager game fans can rejoice. Football Manager finally got a version mobile which you can play on your Android device. In addition to the fun of building and managing a team until you become a winner, you will get several updates that make the game even more realistic.

Before downloading this game, first read the reviews.

About Football Manager 2022

football manager android

Football Manager 2022 mobile comes as the latest version of the series Football Managerwhich was first released in North America in 2004 under the name Worldwide Soccer Manager. Even though it has gone through various developments and different series, the core of FM 2022’s game remains the same: you become a manager who manages the team, transfers players, manages finances, and manages tactics.

FM maintains the quality of player management strategy in its system, making it feel like a real activity, not a typical strategy game. This makes FM a benchmark for real football teams to find new managers. For example, in 2012, an Azerbaijani student named Vugar Huseynzade was promoted to manager of the reserve team of FC Baku, the country’s national football team.

Throughout its history, Football Manager has gone through 17 series and changes, including version mobile latest for Android. Each series brings changes to make the task of “manager” more challenging and feel real; ranging from a new, more sophisticated player search system, improved expressions and manager dialogue that can affect players, to the addition of animations and the national team.

Superiority Football Manager 2022

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The 2022 version is considered as the best Football Manager Android due to several system improvements and feature additions. There are also changes related to real-world conditions that affect managerial strategy. Here are some advantages that will make this new version of the game even more exciting:

1. Challenges to the Team’s Financial Condition

The pandemic has forced many football teams to tighten their belts regarding spending money. This is a new element in FM21 where your team will start in a low financial condition. Your job as a manager is to build the strength of the team while taking into account the financial condition, set a strategy so that you can build a strong team in a cost-effective manner.

2. New Statistics for Estimating Goals

FM21 brings a new statistical system called xG (Expected Goals) which records the quality of each player’s shot. The smaller the xG value, the lower the chance that the player will score. xG is an adaptation of similar stats that are increasingly being applied in real matches, so you can take on the role of a manager while continuing to earn updates about the latest match trends.

3. More Lively Interaction

Communication is an important element in your role as a manager at FM. In the new version, managers will get additional body language that is more dynamic when speaking. This will make the dialogue more lively so that the atmosphere feels more like a conversation between a manager and a real player.

4. New Agent Presence

Already a veteran with FM and looking to hone your negotiating skills? FM21 comes with agent features for every player. The presence of agents will make negotiations more exciting because they will “push” to get the best offers for the players they represent.

Amazingly, even though it has additional features, Football Manager Android keep counting user-friendly even for new players. The explanations of the various tactics at the beginning are self-explanatory and there are tutorials for each stage.

Download Tips Football Manager for Android

football manager 2021 download indonesia

Before downloading FM21, make sure you register via the official site Football Manager. If you have an Android or Windows device, make sure it has a minimum memory capacity of 4 GB and Hard Drive at least 7 GB (recommended more to avoid slow motion alias lagging). The operating system must be at least Android 7.0.

Football Manager 2022 download Indonesia you can do it via Steam. The demo game is free, but if you want to buy it, you have to shell out around IDR 500,000. If you don’t want to lose, you should download the demo version for free. Currently, FM 21 is still in the pre-registration stage for Android, but you can play it by downloading files APK and OBB.

How to Play Successfully Football Manager 2022

football manager 2021 mobile

FM21 demands ingenuity and the ability to read formations, situations, as well as player composition and strategy. Here are some ways that you can use to be able to play FM21 more successfully, especially if you are just starting out.

1. Choose a Team with Small “Challenges”

Choosing a team that is facing major challenges, such as financial difficulties, will give you rewards bigger at the end. However, if you’re just starting out or aren’t used to a higher level of play, choosing a team with “minor” challenges or problems is actually more beneficial. You can focus on methods and strategies while continuing to play.

2. Don’t be in a hurry at the start of the season

Finishing the season successfully is every manager’s desire, but if you’re just starting out, make sure to take it slow. You can learn various things such as important tutorials, game trends and formation success, and so on. Make the most of the start of the season to learn and read the atmosphere of the game.

3. Make the Most of Your Team’s Staff

As a manager, you not only manage the team, but also complete various tasks. In FM21, you have staff you can ask for help with small things, such as managing interviews with the media.

4. Avoid Reckless Transfers

Transferring players can be both the most exciting and the most frustrating part. When selecting players, avoid “great origin” or “popular origin” stats. In addition to skills, you also have to look at the compatibility of players with your team. Do they have chemistry good? If the player is still learning English, are you ready to face them.

5. Learn the “Vision” of the Senior Figure

In FM21, you have the opportunity to consult with senior figures on the team before forming a team. The figure will provide information such as tactical choices, formation and player preferences, team rules, and so on.

Football Manager 2022 invites you to be a real manager to form a formidable soccer team. Download the game now, become the greatest manager, and make your team win in a row!

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