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Play Strategy in Mango Chess and Become a Chess Master!

Do you like sharpening your brain and fighting tactics by playing chess? Why not try Mango Chess just? This online strategy game made by indoPlay not only trains intelligence, but can also entertain you, both when relaxing and in the midst of a busy schedule.

What makes this game special compared to other chess games? Find out the answer through the following review!

Mango Chess at a glance

download mango chess

Mango Chess is a classic chess game developed by indoPlay and released in 2022. This game can be played online real-time and involves multiplayer. Chess Mango reaches all ages, from children to adults. This 25 MB size game has already reached more than 50,000 downloads.

Available Mango Chess PC, Android, and iOS. For devices mobile, users can download via Apple Store and Play Store. Meanwhile, for the PC version, download via the official indoPlay website by pressing the “Launcher Download” button.

What are the advantages?

mango chess pc

Various advantages are packaged in the Chess game made by indoPlay. Anything? Check the following points!


Users of devices with small memory capacities are certainly pleased with the advantages of this one. The ultimate Chess Mango version updates it only requires less than 30 MB of storage space. Very light, right? That way, you don’t have to burden memory or device performance.

Easy to play

Just register by email or log in with social media accounts, you can already play this game. Mango Chess can be accessed anywhere and anytime, as long as you hold the device and are connected to the internet network. Not only that, this game is supported by a simple interface and navigation so you can play freely.

Complete with special features

Playing online games without the support of good features will surely make you bored. However, you don’t have to worry about Chess Mango! This game is equipped with various interesting features, ranging from chat features and emoticons, watching matches without participating, sending Gold to your friends list, to sound effects. In addition, all the Gold you earn will be integrated with Mango Chinese Chess from indoPlay, lo!

Attractive prizes

Online games will be more exciting if accompanied by prizes. If Gold runs out, you can get it again by watching ads. In addition, Chess Mango holds various exciting events on a regular basis that will fill your Gold coffers.

How to Play it?

mango chess top up

Basically, playing Chess Mango is the same as any other chess game. Here are the rules of the game that you need to pay attention to!


Like any game of chess, the goal of Chess Mango is to protect the king and beat your opponent with checkmate. Choose your turn to play according to your taste: white or black. Chess can only be played by 2 people.

Initial Arrangement, Turns, and Pawn Picking

The chessboard is filled with black and white checkered motifs. The white square must be in the position closest to each player’s right hand. In addition, the queen is always placed in a square that matches the color of the piece.

The player who chooses white always moves first. Each player will take a step in turn. Each side can only move one piece once, except when castling.

Players can pick up pieces when they encounter enemies in their path of movement only. Meanwhile, the pawn takes a different move when it encounters an opponent. Each party cannot pick up or move through its own pawns.

Pawns and their Moves

Each chess piece has its own move:

  • Pawn — Can only move forward. When it encounters an enemy, the pawn will move diagonally. In the first step, a pawn can be moved towards one or two squares. If the pawn manages to reach the opponent’s side, this piece can be promoted to a higher rank, except for the king.
  • Fortress — Move straight forward, backward, or sideways.
  • Horse — The only chess piece that can “jump over” the checkerboard. So, the horse will not be hindered by other pieces. The movement of the horse is similar to the letter “L”.
  • Elephant — This piece can move diagonally in any direction.
  • Queen — The strongest piece in the game of chess. Queen can move diagonally and straight, either forward, backward, or sideways.
  • King — Pawns to protect. One side will lose if the king’s pawn is caught first. The king can move in any direction, but can only move one square.

Top up Mango Chess is Here!

mango game online

What if you’ve done events and watch commercials regularly, but your Gold is still not enough? Live top up only via UniPin! The stages of Mango Chess top up are also very simple. First, enter the user ID listed on the game profile into the column provided on the official UniPin website.

Then, click on the denomination you need, from 10,000 to 500,000 Gold. Please note, all credits that go into your account will be connected to all games developed by indoPlay, including Capsa Banting, Chinese Poker, Dominoes, Domino QiuQiu, Chinese Chess, Space Story, Jungle Pang, and Cats Rush.

Next, pay with the desired method. You can try special payment lines from UniPin, such as UP Gift Cards, UniPin Credits, and UP Gift Card Points. In addition, there are channels top up others, for example, digital wallets, debit or credit cards, bank transfers, online banking, non-bank outlets, or SMS and mobile.

For those who are relaxing, but still want to do activities that sharpen the brain, Mango Chess is the most suitable choice. Not only is it easy to play anywhere and anytime, this game has a variety of interesting features that will make you feel at home while playing. In addition, you will compete with chess players from various countries for the title of “master”.

Can not wait? Come on, Download Mango Chess right now!

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