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Platinum Games Introduces Their New Engine

There are plenty of well-known game engines out there like Unreal or Unity. These two engines, apart from being popular and free, are also used by well-known developers such as Square Enix with Final Fantasy VII using Unreal Engine 4, Ori and The Will of The Wisp using the Unity engine.

However, some companies finally decided to make their own engine because they were not satisfied with the existing engine. One of them is Platinum Games, which recently introduced their engine, Platinum Engine.

Together with the Tokyo studio, Platinum Games announced that they are currently developing their own engine which will be used in their game releases.

This decision was made because the engine they have been using so far is more focused on visuals. Based on the results found by the RND team, it was decided that the creation of a new engine was the most appropriate solution to make their production more efficient.

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