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Photo Mode Feature Coming Soon on PS4 Death Stranding!

The Death Stranding PS4 Photo Mode feature is coming soon with the latest update

The presence of Death Stranding, which will be released in the near future, brings a number of improvements such as higher framerate support and more captivating visualizations. What’s more, the addition of interesting new features, namely Photo Mode. However, this special feature was previously not present in the PS4 which was released first, causing a cons for PS4 Death Stranding players who want this feature.

Through Hideo Kojima’s personal Twitter account, he announced that the PC version of Photo Mode will also be coming to PS4 thanks to requests from many players Death Stranding PS4.

In addition, he also said that the feature is currently in its final stages, and is expected to be available in an update later this month. Well, the presence of this feature will certainly complement the Death Stranding game where with the Photo Mode feature, you can get a little entertainment when you are tired of walking too long by taking pictures of the beautiful scenery in the game, taking selfies with various expressions and other creative ideas. which you might be able to create later.

For your information, Death Strading will land on PC via Steam on June 2.

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