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Pearl Abyss Showcases 3 New Classes For BDO Update, Prepare Your Sword!

Black Desert Online is still one of the modern MMORPGs that is still surviving and is the one with the best graphics.

Pearl Abyss as the developer is now starting to show leaks of three new classes that will later be present in the Black Desert Online game.

These three new classes will be present together in the latest expansion update of the Black Desert Online game, Eternal Winter.

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Pearl Abyss plans to present new regions and areas with the theme of snow. There are many changes such as new monsters, new gear updates, namely the Lebraska helmet, and of course there are three new classes that were also introduced.

Pearl Abyss itself has not provided clear information about the three classes that will be present later. One of these classes is The Destroyer of Ynix who uses a red sword complete with armor.

Next there is a new class named that wears dragon head-shaped armor. The name of this first class is not yet clear, but through the title of the video uploaded by BDO this character is named Thunder.

Finally, there is a class called Born which only displays the logo or ignsignia. It is not clear whether the weapon or gender of this class one is. Because the BDO game is a gender lock depending on the class the player chooses, it is certain that these three classes will have their own gender.

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