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Only Half a Year Released, Lost Saga Remastered is Officially Closed

Last year was the year that Lost Saga Remastered was officially announced. It could be said that this is a more modern version of the game from the past. We all know that Lost Saga which is under the auspices of Gemscool in the past has officially closed.

However, this game has returned to the surface through a remastered version which was officially launched last year. Right in November 2022, Lost Saga Remastered is officially available for the PC platform.

Lost Saga Remastered officially closes service

Not yet a year old, now Gravity has officially announced that they will be closing the service of Lost Saga Remastered in the near future. Not completely closed, players can migrate their progress to Lost Saga Origin.

All progress that players make in Lost Saga Remastered will automatically be available in the Origin version. This migration process will occur at the end of July, more precisely on 30 July.

Migration to Lost Saga Origin

Only Half a Year Released, Lost Saga Remastered is Officially Closed
Lost Saga | Youtube

Along with this, the closure for the Top Up service also occurred on July 6th. For those of you players from Lost Saga Remastered, you can now download Lost Saga Origin, considering that this game is not much different from the remastered version.

Lost Saga Origin also continues to offer varied game modes, ranging from Single & Group PVP, Royal Rumble, PVE and other modes. In addition, Origin also comes with hundreds of heroes that you can master and dozens of maps that you can explore.

Finally, you can now play Lost Saga Origin on the PC platform. Meanwhile, the Remastered version will officially close the service completely on July 30.

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