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ONIC Sanz Rating, When Joining the SEA Game Mobile Legends National Team. Games

ONIC Sanz has very high Micro Power and Teamwork.

Gilang or commonly known as Sanz is famous as one of the deadliest junglers in the pro scene of eSports Mobile Legends. MPL Indonesia provides a rating description or assessment from ONIC Sanz.

The evaluation involved 13 media with esports content in them. This is ONIC Sanz. This one national team player is a mainstay Jungler thanks to his high farming speed and mechanics!” wrote MPL Indonesia’s official Instagram account.

ONIC Sanz received an overall rating of 89 points. The assessment consists of five aspects, namely Laning Phase (LPH), Macro Power (MAP), Micro Power (MIP), Nationalism (NAT), and (TWK) Teamwork.

Laning Phase (LPH) involves assessing the lane pad dominance skills in the early minutes. This term usually exists in the early game and has a significant impact on the mid game to late game moments.

Core or carry hero users must have the best skills in Laning Phase. MacroPower. (MAP) includes players’ skills when initiating attacks, such as paying attention to the map before starting an attack, or perhaps avoiding war.

Micro Power (MIP) is a term that describes the skills that players must have to master the details of certain hero skills. Micro skills are needed so that players have a high win rate statistic on a hero. Mechanical instinct is closely related to Micro Power. The following is a breakdown of the ratings obtained by ONIC Sanz.

  • Laning Phase (LPH): 81 points
  • Macro Power (MAP): 83 points
  • Micro Power (MIP): 89 points
  • Nationalism (NAT): 100 points
  • Teamwork (TWK): 90 points
  • Overall Rating: 89 points

The above assessment was carried out by various eSports media and portals, including, UP Station, RevivaLTV, ONE Esports, Vidio Esports, Dunia Games, Esports ID, Grid Games, Indosports,, SPIN Esports, Esportsku and GGWP.

Not only as a Jungler, Sanz also has the skills to play as a Midlaner. Sanz’s ability as a Midlaner has been seen several times in Regular Season MPL S9. Sanz’s expertise as a Jungler and Midlaner made him chosen as one of the players in the SEA Games Mobile Legends national team.

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