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Offer a Skill Test Experience at the New Casino!

Poker Time is one of mobile games popular since it was first launched. Unlike the old version of Texas Poker, this new version of poker offers a new, challenging experience. You will play in a new Casino that is supported by good visuals and fresh games. The presence of Poxer Time gives you the opportunity to enjoy fun classic card games with friends online on line anytime and anywhere.

About Poker Time Game You Need to Know

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Poker Time Indonesia It can be enjoyed by both new and experienced players. The reason is, this game provides various levels of play, from beginner level to expert level. Even if you have little knowledge about poker regularly playing Poxer Time will make it easier for you to understand this game.

The game consists of four betting rounds. The first bet is when two cards are dealt, while the second bet occurs when three general cards are dealt. The third bet when the general card is opened and the fourth bet when the fifth general card is opened. After the bet is over, the player will compare the cards. The card with the highest combination will win the game and get the chips bet by other players.

Not unlike similar games, this game tests your dexterity and intelligence in playing tactics. Without these two abilities, you will find it difficult to beat your opponent. However, there is no need to worry, because you can start the game from the lowest level first. In this level, you meet new players. Competing with a balanced opponent will make your abilities and mentality honed. Although it looks trivial, this indirectly prepares you to compete at the next level.

Advantages of Game Poxer Time

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Considering that poker is a timeless classic, this game still attracts interest gamer. One of the secrets of Poxer Time is so well liked because it has a number of advantages over similar games. Poker Time Credit provides a luxurious and exciting Texas Holdem Poker.

You can download this game for free through the Google Play Store. The fun thing is, when you start the Poxer Time game, you will get a free chip bonus of up to 50 million. Not only that, by playing Poxer Time, you can also get free credit. There are avatars that you can make as your identity during playing.

Some of the features offered are the live chat option which allows you to engage in interesting conversations with other players. In addition, there are lottery draw features, free daily gold, and tournament mode sit-n-go. You can also send virtual items that total more than 200 to other players.

Poxer Time registration is relatively easy. In addition to registering using email, registration options are available using Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you register using social media, you will connect with friends who have played Poxer Time. You can also send invitations to make more friends. The more friends, the more exciting and challenging the game will be.

Another advantage that Poxer Time has is gameplay that everyone can enjoy. This game application is also light so it is suitable for all types of smartphones. Because this game is played online on line, you will meet many players from various regions and countries around the world. Poxer Time also provides Multiply Table Tournament (MTT) which can be played by multiple tables. This match is recommended for those of you who have good playing skills and want a more challenging game.

How to Play Poxer Time for Beginners

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Playing Poxer Time is very fun because it only requires an internet connection. You can play it while relaxing or gathering with friends to play together. Not only entertaining, poker games can improve brain intelligence and tactics in dealing with opponents.

To start this game, make sure download Poker Time first. After the installation process is complete, open the Poxer Time game then register. There are three options, namely guest, login via Facebook, dan login via Twitter. At the beginning of the game, you will be invited to do a simulation how to play poker time first in order to understand the basic rules and how to play for beginners. After the simulation ends you will get a bonus chip.

When the game starts, you will be given two cards. Five common cards will be exposed in sequence. The best combination of five common cards and your two cards will be selected to compare with other players’ possessions. A is the highest card number, while 2 is the lowest. The lowest to highest combination starts from High Card, Pair, 2 Pair, 3 of A Kind, Straight, Flush, 4 of A Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

In order for you to win the game, you have to be focused and confident. Make sure you know the terms that are often used in this game, such as Fold (surrender), Call (hold on and keep placing bets), and Raise (survive by raising bets). When you are in a difficult situation with a thin win percentage, you can choose Fold to minimize big losses.

Top Up Poxer Time

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For connoisseurs of classic-style card games, Poxer Time is a game application on line best recommended. The game provides lots of fun action, fast paced and challenging gameplay, and generous bonuses. You can also join as a VIP by purchasing diamonds. For new players, you will get the opportunity to buy one get one.

You can buy diamonds Poker Time via UniPin. UniPin offers the convenience of purchasing transactions online gaming vouchers, diamonds, game items, and top up balances with various payment options. Starting from bank transfers, Internet banking, mobile banking, mini marketto application payment others that work with UniPin. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately play Poxer Time and top up via UniPin!

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