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Not Indonesia, Where Did FF Come From?

Where did FF come from??

We can’t deny the popularity of Free Fire anymore. This game by Garena has been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide. This proves that this one game is indeed liked by everyone.

There are so many questions that come to mind related to Free Fire. Like who is the creator of this very popular game? What is the meaning of Free Fire itself? Of course, questions like these have crossed your mind as a Free Fire player.

There is one more question regarding Free Fire that you might want to ask. Which country does Free Fire come from? That’s right, most Free Fire players think that FF comes from Indonesia. But the fact is that is not so.

Then which country does Free Fire come from? In this article, Halogame will tell you the facts about this. Where is FF from?? Let’s find out below.

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Free Fire was first launched in 2022. In this short period of time Free Fire has now been downloaded by more than 1 billion people. This proves the popularity of this game made by Garena.

Back to the main topic, where does Free Fire come from? It is known that Free Fire comes from the country of Vietnam. This game was originally developed by a studio called 111 Dots. Then it was taken over by Garena until now.

Garena itself is a subsidiary of the Singapore-based SEA Limited Group. This game was created by a man named Forest Li as one of the top brass in the SEA company that oversees Garena.

Now, That’s the Origin of Free Fire According to Information. Many Free Fire players think that the game they are playing comes from Indonesia. But that’s not the case because Garena only acts as the publisher of the game.

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