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No Saint's Row, Dead Island, TimeSplitters and Metro at E3

Next week is the day that this year’s E3 officially begins. With E3 just under a week away, the hype regarding the game event is at its peak for now.

Moreover, recently the full schedule for E3 2022 was previously announced. There are big names who will return to present presentations at this annual event. Call it like Microsoft, Take-Two, Nintendo, Ubisoft and many more.

No games from Deep Silver at E3

However, now the games that will not be present at the event have also been confirmed. One of these games came from Koch Media with Deep Silver. Koch Media announced that none of their games will be announced.

These games are Saint’s Row, Dead Island, TimeSplitters and also Metro. They confirmed that the four games will not be present at E3 or the annual event for this year.

Deep Silver No Saints Row Dead Island Timesplitters And Metro At E3 2021
Deep Silver | Market Research

On the other hand, Koch Media itself will hold a press conference – Koch Primetime Gaming Stream on June 11. Deep Silver also ensures that they will share the latest news if they have it.

Previously, Deep Silver had announced Saint’s Row The Third: Remastered for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC via GOG on May 25. For now, one thing for sure is that new TimeSplitters are in development.

Meanwhile, the last entry for Dead Island itself has been announced since 2022. But until now the sequel to the continuation of the game continues to be postponed until now, not even sure.

Meanwhile, Metro will release Exodus for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on June 18th. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: Twitter

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