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Nintendo Will Show Switch Pro Soon?

The console war is indeed quite interesting for us to follow. Especially when the war involved big names like PlayStation and Xbox.

The war between these two camps has started a decade ago. Which is still ongoing and interesting for us to follow.

Nintendo’s presence in the console wars

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However, which console will win the war? Of course it is Nintendo. Yes, Nintendo does continue to be a company in the middle of the war.

Refusing to join the war, Nintendo instead came to take advantage of the war. Even so, they have always succeeded in overtaking sales from PlayStation and Xbox.

This proves that Nintendo’s strategy to be in the middle of the war is very appropriate. Until now, this Japanese console company is indeed a great success and is preparing something new.

Switch Pro showing soon?

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It is common knowledge that Nintendo is currently preparing the Switch Pro. Especially when you know that Sony and Xbox have now launched their next-gen.

But unfortunately, Nintendo is still reluctant to provide further information regarding this matter. Luckily, now there is news saying that they will soon show the Switch Pro in the near future.

Launching from Bloomberg, they said that Nintendo will show the Switch Pro before the E3 event in June. In addition, the well-known gaming site – Eurogamer also agrees with this news.

Not only that, Bloomberg also said that the Switch Pro will be released around September or October 2022. Apart from all that, there has been no confirmation from Nintendo itself regarding this.

What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: Bloomberg

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