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Nintendo Switch's Total Sales Exceeds Xbox 360

Nintendo Switch was first launched in 2022. Now this Nintendo concoction console is 4 years old since it was first launched. In this short period of time, Nintendo managed to prove their success through the Switch.

How could I not, starting in May 2022, Nintendo again made a record with the Switch. According to reportNintendo Switch has managed to outpace the sales of the Xbox 360 since its debut.

Nintendo Switch sales surpass Xbox 360

This makes Nintendo has now officially become the eighth best-selling console worldwide. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 should drop to the ninth position previously occupied by the Switch.

Nintendo Switch itself is known to have sold more than 86.1 million units since its debut in 2022. As for the Xbox 360’s sales since it first debuted itself, it currently has reached 85.8 million units.

Switch is getting more and more in demand in the market!

Nintendo Switch's Total Sales Exceeds Xbox 360

For now, there are still around 7 consoles that have more total sales than the Nintendo Switch. Of course, it will be quite interesting to see what the Nintendo Switch will do in the future.

Moreover, Nintendo’s hybrid console is increasingly selling well in the market. Moreover, Nintendo has no plans to release a next-gen version of the Switch itself.

Regardless of all that, for the first position itself is currently held by Sony with the PlayStation 2. Then the second position is followed by Nintendo with the DS. Meanwhile, the third place was filled by Game Boy, fourth by PlayStation 5, fifth by PlayStation, sixth by Wii and seventh by PlayStation 3.

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