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Nintendo President Responds To Rumors Regarding Nintendo Switch Pro

In the past month, rumors regarding the presence of the Nintendo Switch Pro have surfaced. Rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro itself come from reports Bloomberg. Which they confirmed that Nintendo will soon announce the Switch Pro.

Even the report says that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be released at the end of this year. Where E3 will be the event where Nintendo announces the new Switch console.

Rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Boss Responds To Rumors About Nintendo Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch | Global Circulate

This rumor was indeed very strong before. Which various leaks continue to emerge after the report from Bloomberg. But again until now this has not been proven true.

Moreover, at this time the presentation for Nintendo Direct at E3 last week did not share any news regarding the Nintendo Switch console. Talking about this, Doug Bowser as president of Nintendo also gave his response.

Through a joint interview with The Washington Post, Bowser gave his response regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors. He said that from the beginning Nintendo will focus on software first.

Nintendo President’s Response

Nintendo Boss Responds To Rumors About Nintendo Switch Pro
Doug Bowser | Nintendo News

For now, Nintendo will choose to focus on providing games or software supporting the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, Bowser emphasized that currently the Nintendo Switch still has a fairly long life.

In fact, he said that Nintendo is still at its peak at the moment. They don’t want to lose this opportunity to keep the console updated. Because of this, Nintendo is quite uninterested in presenting the Nintendo Switch Pro in the near future.

Nintendo Switch is currently only entering its 5th year since it was first launched. Because it is still very new and selling well in the market, Nintendo has no desire to present the latest version of their console.

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