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NFS Underground 2 PS2 Cheats English

Previously we have covered the various NFS series on various platforms. This time, we will discuss in detail the tips, tricks and Cheats for NFS Underground 2 on PS2.

Maybe most of you are already familiar with the name Underground 2. One of the series from the Need For Speed ​​franchise has been released for a long time for various platforms.

In this long period of time, NFS Underground is still one of the fans’ favorite series. You can now play the game on various platforms, including PS2.

One of the characteristics of NFS itself is being able to use cheat codes in the game. That’s right, you can use a cheat code to unlock various premium features in the game NFS Underground 2.

In this article, Halogame will share a collection of these cheat codes. Curious? NFS Underground 2 PS2 Cheats English! Check below.

NFS Underground 2 PS2 Cheats English

Unlockable cheats

Outrun RaceHow to open
Hoods4 wins in stage 2
Performance choice9 wins on stage 4
Performance choice6 wins on stage 5
Performance choice3 wins on stage 3
Rims6 wins on stage 3
Spoiler4 wins on stage 4
Vinyl6 wins on stage 4
Wide body kit11 wins on stage 5
CarHow to Unlock
Acura RSX Type-S (NTSC-U Exclusive Car)Complete URL Race 6 – Stage 3
Audi TT Quattro and Mitsubishi EclipseComplete URL Race 8 – Stage 3
Cadillac EscaladeComplete URL Race 1 – Stage 1
Ford Mustang GTComplete URL Race 14 – Stage 4
Hammer H2Complete URL Race 2 – Stage 2
Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 and Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec VComplete URL Race 3 – Stage 2
Infiniti G35Complete URL Race 11 – Stage 4
Lexus IS 300Complete URL Race 5 – Stage 3
Lincoln NavigatorComplete URL Race 1 – Stage 2
Mazda RX-7Complete URL Race 10 – Stage 4
Mazda RX-8 and Nissan 350ZComplete URL Race 9 – Stage 4
Mitsubishi 3000GTComplete URL Race 12 – Stage 4
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIIIComplete URL Race 15 – Stage 4
Nissan Skyline GT-RComplete URL Race 16 – Stage 5
Pontiac GTOComplete URL Race 13 – Stage 4
Subaru Impreza WRX STiComplete URL Race 17 – Stage 5
Toyota CelicaComplete URL Race 4 – Stage 2
Toyota SupraComplete URL Race 6 – Stage 3
Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi A3Complete URL Race 7 – Stage 3
MagazineHow to open
Auto Motor20 wins on stage 5
AutoMaxx Magazine16 wins on stage 4
Car Audio and Electronics6 wins on stage 3
Chrome and Flamen27 wins on stage 4
Elaborare3 wins on stage 4
GTI Magazine11 wins on stage 3
GTI Magazine16 wins on stage 5
Hot 4’s18 wins in stage 3
Import Tuner4 wins on stage 5
Maxi Tuning7 wins on stage 4
Power Magazine32 wins on stage 5
Spoiler11 wins on stage 4
Sports Compact Car8 wins in stage 2
Street Car Magazine2 wins on stage 3
Street Car Magazine9 wins on stage 5
Street Tuner34 wins on stage 5
Stuff Magazine20 wins on stage 4
Super Street28 wins on stage 5
Swiss Tuner Magazine25 wins on stage 5
Turbo4 wins in stage 2

NFS Underground 2 Cheat Codes

EffectCheat Code
$1000 in careers. RX-8 and Skyline in Quick RaceLeft, Left, Right, Square, Square, Right, L1, R1
$200 in careerUp, Up, Up, Left, R1, R1, R1, Down
All Circuit TracksDown, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, R2, Square
Burger King vinylUp, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up, Up, Left
Unique VinylDown, Up, Down, Left, L1, L1, L1, Down
Unlocks A Hummer H2 CaponeUp, Left, Up, Up, Down, Left, Down, Left
Unlocks D3 Pontiac GTOUp, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Right
Unlocks the Best Buy car VinylUp, Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Right, Left
Unlocks the Chingy Lincoln NavigatorUp, Right, Up, Up, Down, Right, Down, Right
Unlocks the ShineStreet Lexus IS300Up, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Left
Unlock Performance Level 1L1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Left, Right, Up
Unlock Performance Level 2R1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Right, Up, Down
Unlock Visual Level 1R1, R1, Up, Down, L1, L1, Up, Down
Unlock Visual Level 2L1, R1, Up, Down, L1, Up, Up, Down

Now, That’s NFS Underground 2 PS2 Cheats in Indonesian. By using the cheat code we provided above, you can unlock various premium features in the game. Starting from cars, tracks and much more.

sources: IGN

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