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Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022!

Lately, the Bus Simulator game is on the rise in Indonesia. Where you will be able to drive a bus in the game. One of the main attractions in this one game is that you can modify the bus that you will use.

That’s right, you can choose your own skin bus in this game. The Free Fire skin is one of the interesting choices in Bus Simulator. Which is indeed widely used by Free Fire players who also play this game.

There are various skins Bus Simulator Free Fire made by modders. In this article, Halogame will share with you the Bus Simulator skins with the Free Fire theme.

Curious? Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022! Check below.

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Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022!

MOD Skin Bus Simulator

Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022
Free Fire Bus Skins | Mods for You

Free Fire is one of the Bus Simulator skin mods. That’s right, the Free Fire skin on Bus Simulator itself is made by fans, aka modders. This MOD Skin is a mod skin that is intentionally made by modders so that the appearance of the bus being played is more attractive.

In Bus Simulator there are not only Free Fire skins. But other popular games, which make it even more interesting to play. Especially when using game skins that we also like or play. Free Fire is one of the favorite skins in the game.

Download Skin Bus Simulator FF

Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022!
Bus Simulator FF Skins | mods for you

Are you looking for a way to download Skin Bus Simulator FF? Let’s follow the steps below.

Total Time: 3 minutes


Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022!  Download

The first step you have to do is download the Free Fire Skin MOD file. The file size is not that big and it only takes a minute to download this FF skin.

Extract Files

Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022!  Extract

After successfully downloading this Free Fire Bus Simulator Skin, Extract it using the ZArhchiver Application and you can proceed to the next step.

How to Use Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire

Newest Skin Bus Simulator Free Fire 2022!  Skins
Bus Simulator Skins
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the FF Bus Simulator skin mod file above
  • Extract the file using ZArchiver
  • Move files to Android > data > com.maleo.bussimulatorid > files > Livery
  • Back up first the default skin bussid template file in the folder, this is intended so that in the future you don’t have to bother looking for it anymore
  • Rename the template or Livery that was prepared earlier with the same name as the template in the Livery folder
  • Move the template that you renamed earlier to the Livery folder.
  • Play bus simulator Indonesia

Now, That’s the Latest FF Skin Bus Simulator 2022. Besides Free Fire, there are so many Indonesian Bus Simulator skin mods that you can use. In the next article, we will share a collection of MOD Skins for the Indonesian Bus Simulator.

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