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New Update from Legends of Runeterra

Riot Gamess is famous for League of Legends which has been released since 2009. In 2022, to celebrate its tenth success, Riot completed it by releasing a card game, Legends of Runeterra.

Games the card is available in PC version and mobile, and get positive reviews from card game connoisseurs. Earlier this year, Riot Gamess added updates The new one is Empires of the Ascended.

This is the first and largest expansion since Riot Gamess pinned one Region and nine new Champions. Not to mention the addition of more than 100 cards that will always be added.updates via Instagram Legends of Runeterra. Like what gameplay Legends of Runeterra? Let’s take a peek at the review.

Legends of Runeterra Gameplay

legend of runeterra gameplay

From the start, many were quite skeptical about this game because it was included in the Collectible Card category Games (CCG) whose fans are very segmented. But in fact, games it received quite a lot of enthusiasm in the preview release a year before its official release.

If you are a card game connoisseur, you must be familiar with games similar to Hearthstone or Artifact. The objective of the game is quite simple, use Mana and choose the strongest card to destroy the enemy Nexus. Simply put, cards can be used to summon monsters and attack enemies on the table.

Each player will be dealt four cards to begin with. Players are allowed to swap cards at random and will get one card per turn. To use the card, you will need Mana.

Mana will be obtained every turn and can be reduced when attacked. The remaining mana can be used in the next turn and even used to cast spells.

When your turn comes, you can attack the enemy by issuing a card with ATK points (attack) tall one. if the enemy’s HP is smaller than the ATK you issue, then the enemy will be destroyed. Conversely, if the ATK is smaller, the attack will actually reduce the HP we have.

In addition to ATK and HP, the card also has the ability to cast magic or Spell if you have enough Mana. Several types of Spells in the game are:

  1. Burst: A spell that can be cast at any time. Because it’s fast, the power of this Spell holds the enemy back against the attacks you do.
  2. Fast: This spell can also be cast at any time, but it still gives the enemy time to react or fight using another Burst or Fast Spell. If the enemy casts a Fast Spell, you can fight it using Burst.
  3. Slow: A spell that can only be used outside of matches. The slow effect of this Spell gives time for the enemy to fight with other faster Spells.
  4. Fleeting: As the name suggests, Spell Fleeting is like floating and surviving as long as it’s your turn to play. It will disappear when it’s another player’s turn to make a move.

In updates the newest one is Empires of the Ascended, it was mentioned above that there is a new Region. This region is called Shurima which is the most powerful kingdom in the legendary Legends of Runeterra.

Along with the new area, several new characters or Champions also enter. One of them is Jarvan IV who is the strongest warrior and heir to the throne of Demacia. In addition, there is also Renekton, a scary creature from the Shurima desert.

Keyword Functions in Empires of the Ascended

legend of runeterra review

Even though Legends of Runeterra mobile very thick with the MOBA game flow, the use of keywords makes it feel a little different. Function of keywords this is add combination deck and regions to give certain effects to the enemy.

Currently, there are more than 30 keywords in the game and may continue to grow according to the expansion given games. Some examples of keywords and the strengths are:

  • Barrier: Barrier will provide a shield so that the card unit you are playing is not hit by enemy spells. Barriers keep units alive when attacked.
  • Recall: Recall is used to withdraw the card back or send the card into his hand. Even though it has been used, the recalled card can be used again.
  • Regeneration: Cards with keywords Regeneration can be used to return HP to its original number.
  • Stun: Similar to a game Mobile Legends, Stunned units can’t do anything for a few seconds. Usually, keywords this is found on attacking cards.

Amount keywords in cards often makes players confused, especially for those who are playing CCG for the first time. However, each card has keywords each and you can find the clues as you play. If you are familiar with keywordsSpell, and Champion, you can later make Combos that can beat the opponent’s cards.

Want to Play on HP? First Check the Specifications Here

download legends of runeterra

before you download Legends of Runeterra, first check your HP readiness. The right specifications will keep you from lag or out of memory. For Android users, the minimum required specification is Android 5.0 OS with 2 GB of RAM.

Meanwhile for iOS users, make sure you have done updates to iOS 9 with ARM64 processor. However, games this is more recommended for those with Apple iPhone 6 and above.

If you want to feel the sensation of playing MOBA in another way, Legends of Runeterra is games a must try. Apart from Android and iOS, games it can also be found on Microsoft Windows provided you have a Riot account first.

However, if you are more comfortable with the Android version, maybe you can try an Android emulator on a PC for more flexible games and a bigger screen.

Even if it’s not a game pay-to-win, There are some features that require coins in this game. These coins can be used in Starter Bundles and Wildcards. Same with Riot release GamesOn the other hand, you can buy the coins using a Google Play voucher. No have a credit card? Don’t worry, you can easily buy Google Play vouchers on UniPin. Only through your cellphone, you can buy Google Play vouchers starting from only IDR 5,000 on UniPin!

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