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New Battlefield Announced Next Week!

In a previous article, we have discussed various leaks related to the latest Battlefield. This leak itself comes from the famous Battlefield leaker named Tom Henderson. The presence of the latest Battlefield has indeed been confirmed by EA previously.

Although they are still reluctant to provide an exact schedule regarding the game. EA said that they are ready to announce a new Battlefield in the spring of this year as well.

New Battlefield next week!

Following this news, various leaks began to emerge. First, confirm that the new Battlefield will be set in the third world war. Then it will tell the storyline of America and Russia and you will act as a hired person from one of the countries.

We can’t be sure of the truth of this leak. However, EA and DICE now seem to be preparing to announce the latest Battlefield. How not, through the account Twitterthey say that the new Battlefield is coming next week.

New Battlefield related leaks!

New Battlefield Announced Next Week
Battlefield | Gamesradar

They plan to show the first trailer for the new Battlefield on June 9th. There are no further details other than the date of the announcement other than the time of the announcement of their game.

If indeed the leaks related to the latest Battlefield previously were true, of course it would be quite interesting to wait for the release of the latest Battlefield later. What’s more, it will come with something different from the previous series.

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