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Netflix Kingdom Series to Get RPG Game Adaptation for Mobile and PC

There is quite good news coming for you fans of the Netflix Kingdom series. This series has now been confirmed to get an RPG game adaptation for the Mobile and PC platforms. This game will be formulated by a developer called Action Squares.

This news itself was confirmed directly by Action Squares, where they said that they would develop a game based on the Netflix series. They will later name this game Kingdom: The Blood.

Netflix Kingdom series gets RPG game adaptation!

Furthermore, Kingdom: The Blood will later become an RPG game with multiplayer elements in it. In addition, this game will be developed using Unreal Engine 4 to create 3D graphics of the game.

Where the gameplay of Kingdom: The Blood will be stretched like the Netflix series. In addition, Action Squares will also use motion capture technology to capture battle animations in the game.

Release for Mobile and PC

Netflix Kingdom Series Will Get Rpg Game Adaptation For Mobile And Pc
Kingdom The Blood | PC Gamer

Finally, Kingdom: The Blood is rumored to be released for Mobile and PC with Cross platform features in Korea. But unfortunately, there is no further news regarding the release date of this RPG game adaptation of the Netflix series.

Not only that, there is no certainty regarding whether Kingdom: The Blood will be released globally or not. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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