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NBA To Hold NBA 2K20 Tournament Between NBA Players

NBA to hold NBA 2k20 tournament between NBA players

As it is known that currently the Corona virus pandemic has not ended, as a result, almost all annual sports tournament events in the United States have been temporarily suspended. Well, the biggest basketball competition in the United States, the NBA, is reportedly planning to hold a virtual basketball tournament through the NBA 2K20 game.

It is known that the virtual NBA Tournament will compete with 30 players from 30 teams competing in the 2022 NBA season. Each team can send their best players to play a virtual basketball game through the console or PC platform and try to win the NBA 2K20 tournament trophy.

Well, the plan is that this tournament will be held on Friday, April 3, and will be held for 10 days and broadcast live on ESPN with 16 of the current NBA’s top players, one of which is Utah Jazz All-Star, Donovan Mitchell. .

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