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Naughty Eggie Magic Chess, Commander to Help Push Rank

In order not to lose his fans, Moonton did updates latest on games his MOBA concept, Mobile Legends. This mobile game, which was released in 2022, is indeed very loved by the millennial young generation, especially teenagers. A wide variety of characters with an easy-to-understand gameplay makes this game a place in the hearts of lovers games.

This time, updates What Moonton does is quite interesting, namely the new mode of the Mobile Legends game with the concept of idle games, magic chess. The interesting thing about this game mode is not only the concept, but the presence of a new character called commander; One of which is Eggie magic chess.

Naughty Eggie, Magic Chess Commander to Help Push Rank

commander eggie magic chess

Presence commander in the game Mobile Legends magic chess not limited to unique and funny characters. Moonton has at least released about 15 characters commander which you can choose in magic chess. However, you were only given one commander for free, that is commander Harper when I first played this mode. You can get the rest by buying it using diamonds or battlepoints, including Eggie magic chess.

Other interesting things you can find while playing magic chess is the ability that every commander. Later, together with other heroes, you can combine strengths commander This is a strong synergy. As a result, you will be difficult to beat by opponents.

Well, Naughty Eggie or more familiarly called commander Eggie has a shape similar to an owl that is still inside its egg shell. In Mobile Legends, Eggie is said to be a funny form of Diggie’s hero. Commander Eggie magic chess is the right character if you want to get up fast rank or push rank up to tier or the top order, namely Mythic.

Skills Cool Eggie Magic Chess

eggie magic chess skill

Turns out, it was because skill commander magic chess Eggie is so cool. Same as commander On the other hand, Naughty Eggie also has three cool abilities. Anything?

1. Level 1: Economize

First is Economize. When you use skills In this case, a reduction effect occurs within the limits of gold what you use when you-upgrade commanders. This is good news because the reduction itself reaches 15%.

So that you can use level 1 abilities commander Eggie, an easy tip you can do is save gold as early as possible. Keep at least 20 gold so that interest contained in skills this is maximized. However, pay attention too skills battle which is on line up yours.

Don’t let you just get hung up on saving gold because of the impact you will easily lose in early games. Actually, Eggie magic chess skills this level 1 can make you faster commander upgrade while helping to strengthen line up team by activating more than one synergy. Line up recommended for ability commander Eggies at this stage are Mage, Marksman, and Dragon Altar.

2. Level 2: Heat Of Battle

Ability level 2 of Eggie magic chess is Heat of Battle. Effect skills this will be felt when you managed to win games twice in a row. Every win you get will help reduce the price for commander upgrade from 3 to 5 gold.

This means, you can change gold what you have becomes strength line up extra at once as upgrade power on early until midgame. The key is to keep winning consecutive matches and immediatelyupgrade commander.

Well, in order to maximize the power of level 2 possessed Eggie magic chess this, you are advised to wear line up of Weapon Master, Abyss, Summoner, and Assassin.

3. Level 3: Fortune

Entering level 3, commander Eggie will show her final ability, that is Fortune. Skills this will help you get Advance Spoil Chest as much as 1 piece. You also have the opportunity to get Normal spoil chest up to 50% second commander already at level 8.

If you already have commander already at level 8, you can obtain Advance Equipment. later, equip this will fit together with a hero who has a high number of stars and an expensive price so that it will be stronger.

You are advised to continue to level up the hero until it reaches the highest. If you add the opportunity to get Mirror Device when skills-mu is active, it will be easier to level up the hero. This time you can wear line up the same as skills level 1, namely Marksman, Mage, or Dragon Altar.

Don’t forget, you also need to raise experience commander Eggie in order to get all the abilities he has up to level 3.

Game Tips Magic Chess Use Commander Eggie

skill commander magic chess eggie

Well, if you plan to use commander Eggie di magic chessmaybe you can try the following tips:

  1. Important things you need to pay attention to when using commander Eggie, which is how to get to the highest level quickly. This is the reason at the beginning of the game you shouldn’t do it. Indeed, you will often lose at early gamebut you will start to rise in mid or late games. So, don’t panic if you lose at the beginning.
  2. so that gold getting faster, try using Erudito synergy. This type of synergy will help provide additional gold between 1 to 3 at the end You can use cool heroes like Diggie or Chou at the beginning of the game.
  3. Also pay attention to when it’s time to level up. You can do it only if the price doesn’t make it interest maximum is reduced. Interest max in mode magic chess is +4, this you can get if you have gold a minimum of 20. For example, you have 30 gold and it takes 22 gold to level up. It means, gold 8. It’s best not to level up because 8 doesn’t have interest +0. Then, when should you level up? Just do it if the amount gold what you have minus the cost to level up is a minimum of 20.

Don’t forget, use the right synergy to provide maximum strength. Interested in using Naughty Eggie but the amount diamonds not enough? No problem, you can top up diamonds directly on UniPin. Happy playing with commander Eggie!

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