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Must Try! This is the Strongest META in Magic Chess Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has many game modes in it. One of the most popular game modes for players is Magic Chess.

To win in Magic Chess, you need to use the strongest META or synergy. Well, on this occasion, we want to discuss META or the strongest synergy in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

The Strongest META Recommendation in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

The game in Magic Chess itself can also depend on the Commander you use. So, to have a strong Commander, make sure you top up the Mobile Legends diamond first, okay?

If you already have a strong Commander, you can use some of the META recommendations or the strongest Synergy in Magic Chess Mobile Legends below.

1. Mech Era + Swordsman + Gunner

The combination of the Swordsman, Mech Era, and Gunner heroes does indeed present a very deadly synergy. The synergy of Swordsman heroes, which are mostly filled by Assassin heroes themselves, have the passive ability to summon an Orbiting Sword that can inflict additional damage on the opponent.

Combined with the passive from the Mech Era hero, it will make all the enemies you face unable to move. The Mech Era synergy itself has the ability to reduce the enemy's Mana, and increase our own hero's Mana.

Plus the combination of Gunner Synergy between Lesley and Beatrix heroes who are classified as Mech Era heroes will make attacks from this synergy even more deadly.

2. Gunner + Lightborn

The META recommendation or the strongest synergy in the next Magic Chess is a combination of Gunner heroes and Lightborn heroes. Hero Gunner which is mostly filled by Marksman heroes has the effect of dealing Critical Damage to the opponent.

This ability when combined with the synergy of Lightborn ( Granger , Tigreal , Alucard , Fanny ) who has the ability to get Shield and Invisible effects will make your synergy even more deadly.

3. Wrestler + Abyss

The next strongest synergy recommendation in Magic Chess is Wrestler + Abyss. These two synergies can indeed produce a very deadly combination of attacks. The synergy from Wrestler itself has a quite unique ability where the basic attack launched by the Wrestler hero has the potential to stun the opponent.

Combined with the synergy from the Abyss which increases the Attack Speed ​​of the team's hero, of course this will make this synergy combination even more deadly.

4. Archer + Guardian + V.E.N.O.M

The next strongest META combination or synergy in Magic Chess is the synergy between Archer, Guardian, and also VENOM. Archer Synergy which is mostly filled by Marksman heroes with long attack ranges as we know has the ability to increase attack distance and reduce the opponent's Physical Defense.

Especially if the Archer's synergy is full, then all Archer heroes can become Invisible for a while in each Round. Coupled with the synergy of the Guardian heroes which have the effect of providing additional Physical Defense, of course this will make this synergy combination even more deadly.

Moreover, the synergy of VENOM heroes ( Grock and Hanabi) which has the ability to poison the enemy. That way, the attack effect of this synergy combination is getting stronger and harder to beat.

Well, those are some of the strongest METAs or synergies in Magic Chess Mobile Legends that you can use in the game. Is there anything you've tried yet?

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