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Easy Savage! These are the 5 Strongest Lifesteal Heroes in Mobile Legends

As we know, Mobile Legends has many heroes in it who of course have different abilities. One of the deadly abilities of Mobile Legends heroes is the Lifesteal ability.

The Lifesteal ability itself is an ability where the hero is able to steal the opponent's HP by attacking using Basic Attacks or Skills. 

Well, here are some of the strongest Lifesteal heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use in battle.

Recommended Hero with the Strongest Lifesteal in Mobile Legends

To have these heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first. Because as we know, to get a hero in Mobile Legends you need to exchange a number of diamonds or Battle Points.

1. Alucard

The first recommendation for the strongest Lifesteal hero in Mobile Legends is Alucard. This Hero Fighter is indeed famous for its very great Lifesteal ability.

Even Alucard himself is famous as one of the Mobile Legends heroes who has Lifesteal without the need to use items .

2. Thamuz

The next hero who has a strong Lifesteal ability in Mobile Legends is Thamuz. He has a skill called Cauterant Inferno (Skill 3) which makes him spit out Lava aura that is capable of dealing damage to opponents as well as a fairly large Lifesteal effect on Thamuz.

With these abilities, it is not surprising that Thamuz is one of the strongest Offlaner heroes in Mobile Legends .

3. Yu Zhong

Another hero who has a high Lifesteal ability is Yu Zhong. He gets the Lifesteal effect from his passive skill, Cursing Touch.

With these abilities, Yu Zhong became one of the most deadly heroes. In fact, he is also one of the best By One heroes in Mobile Legends .

4. Ruby

Talking about the strongest Lifesteal hero in Mobile Legends, it's incomplete if you don't include Ruby in it. One of the best Crowd Control heroes in Mobile Legends does have a very great Lifesteal ability.

With his Lifesteal ability, Ruby is very difficult to beat by his opponent. Even Ruby is also one of the best Fanny counter heroes in Mobile Legends .

5. Alice

The hero with the next strongest Lifesteal is Alice. This Hero Mage is indeed known for his ability to absorb the opponent's HP and convert it into his HP.

With that ability, Alice became one of the Mage heroes with a very strong defense. He is also able to deal deadly damage to his opponents using his skills.

Well, those are some of the strongest Lifesteal heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use in the game. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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