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MPL Indonesia Gives Official Statement Regarding Pause Incident In Match Playoff Day 1 Games

MPL Indonesia also explained that there will be no changes to the final result of the match.

EVOS vs. Alter Ego on Day 1 of the MPL Day 1 playoff made a scene for Mobile Legends eSports fans. There was a lag incident that made the committee immediately pause the game.

MPL Indonesia immediately issued an official statement and apologized for the incident.

There were several findings in this incident, and we would like to apologize to all parties involved. As a professional league, we should have recognized these factors much earlier and would like to admit our mistakes. The league has also made the decision to continue the match without a remake, and we will abide by the final decision of the BO5 match between Alter Ego and EVOS Legends. We have also conveyed the decision to both teams, and they have accepted the result,” reads MPL Indonesia’s official statement.

After EVOS won the match with a score of 3 vs 2, the hashtag #SavePai immediately became a trending topic on Twitter. For information, the EVOS vs Alter Ego match was very tight, because both teams needed tickets to enter the Upper bracket.

The team that loses on Day 1 of the playoffs will be eliminated from the Bracket. AE was 0 and 2 behind and managed to equalize to 2 vs 2. However, the super fierce match in the fifth game forced them to lose to EVOS.

In the third EVOS third game against Alter Ego, there was a moment where PAI’s hero Phoveus fell silent while attacking the EVOS Legends base.

Responding to the lag and pause problems in the EVOS vs Alter Ego match, MPL Indonesia finally explained the chronology of the events. The following is a statement and an explanation of the chronology of the Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia:

  • On April 21, 2022, during Game 5 between Alter Ego and EVOS, Alter Ego’s PAI experienced a lag that did not allow him to control the hero properly.
  • Alter Ego asked for a pause when the game entered the 20:48 minute, without raising a hand.
  • Leomurphy continued to raise his hand at 20:49. However, there was a team fight going on, and the referee in charge of continuing the match according to the Indonesian MPL rulebook, that there was no pause during the team fight which took place at 20:49. (Based on the Indonesian MPL rulebook, if this is an offline match, the Team can raise their hand to ask for a pause, the Referee must pause the match as soon as the team requests a break and the referee asks the reason for the pause from the team concerned.)
  • Pause is only allowed when the game enters the 20:57 minute, the referee sees this is the end of the team fight. (According to MPL Indonesia rulebook, if this is an online match, teams can ask their manager to communicate with the referee and request a pause. The referee must pause the game as soon as the team requests a game break and ask the reason for stopping if no team fight is taking place at that time If a team fight occurs during a pause request, the referee will only stop the match after the team fight is over).
  • The match resumed after ensuring that PAI did not fall behind again and ended at 30:06 minutes. Based on our technical assessment, the league evaluated and made the decision that the game should continue due to the absence of lagging and bugs have been fixed. The referee has also received approval from both teams to continue the match.

MPL Indonesia also stated that there was no change in the final result. This means that the result will still be 3 vs 2 in the EVOS vs Alter Ego match.

“There were no changes to the final result of last night’s match between EVOS Legends and Alter Ego and we acknowledge responsibility for this. Furthermore, the rulebook will continue to be optimized for the next season. We hope for understanding on this incident,” MPL Indonesia added.

This is the response from MPL Indonesia regarding the chronology of the pause in the EVOS vs Alter Ego match, what do you think?

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