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MP5, the Legendary New Free Fire Weapon in the World

Free Fire is one of the games favorite combination of genres battle royale and TPS. If you want to win games In this case, the player must be able to survive until the end of the game. For that, players need weapons that can be relied on.

MP5 is a weapon submachine free fire best Free Fire players. Because, gun it is not only superior in terms of recoilthis weapon also has mobility and damage tall.

Want to know more about Free Fire MP5 weapon? Let’s take a look at the historical reviews, variants, and the following advantages.

MP5 History

mp5 gun

The MP5 weapon was first made by the Heckler & Koch GmbH company in 1960. The personnel of Heckler & Koch GmbH itself consists of three people, namely Edmund Heckler, Alex Seidel, and Theodor Koch.

The three figures made the MP5 or HK54 with 9×19 mm pistol bullets. This weapon was introduced in 1964. Then, in 1966, the name HK54 was used by the German Federal Police and the GSG-9. Since then, the HK54 has been recognized by anti-terrorist units in West Germany.

Then, entering 1999, developed another series of MP5, namely H&K UMP. However, both types of weapons were not as popular as their predecessors.

Design weapon MP5 FF adopt the G3. Second difference gun this lies in the caliber and length. However, both of them are unique, namely having HK Slap. HK Slap’s own function for reloading by locking charging handle back, then slapped him back.


MP5 Weapon in Free Fire has many variants. For reference, here are 11 variants that can be used player Free Fire.

MP5A1 is the first release with 9 mm caliber bullets. This weapon uses slimliner handguard and straight magazine.

The MP5A2 variant is commonly used by the navy. One of the versions is dedicated forend weaponlight equipped with a flashlight. In addition, MP5A2 also has tropical handguard and fixed stock.

MP5A3 has two versions trigger group, namely Navy and SEF. Both versions are provided retractable stock and flashlight.

MP5A4 has no SEF on trigger group-his. However, there is the addition of 3 round burst simultaneously.

The base used by the MP5A5 is the MP5A3 with the addition of a three-round firing system. However, the MP5A5 no longer uses SEF trigger group.

The MP5SD variant was first released in 1974. This series has a special barrel that can slow down the bullet’s speed. The silencer is also integrated so that it is not audible at distances above 15 meters.

There are six MP5SD models produced with several different features. Here are the details.

  1. MP5SD1; It has integrated silencers, both Navy and SEF configurations, as well as the A1 stock.
  2. MP5SD2; equipped with a fixed stock and Navy and SEF configurations.
  3. MP5SD3; It has a folding stock and a choice of Navy or SEF configurations.
  4. MP5SD4; equipped with a three-grain firing configuration simultaneously.
  5. MP5SD5; MP5SD4-like features with a three-grain burst configuration.
  6. MP5SD6; released with a three-grain firing arrangement at the same time.

Released in 1976, the MP5K on Free Fire is 325 mm long. The weapon has a front grip with a vertical position. Its function is to withstand kicks.

Meanwhile, the MP5K viewfinder is designed to be smaller. As a complement, all MP5K models are equipped with a special bag for shooting. The MP5K model consists of five types, namely MP5K1, MP5K4, MP5K5, MP5K-N, and MP5K-PDW.

Each model is equipped with an SEF configuration and three-grain firing. In addition, various MP5K models have a Navy configuration and a silencer-mounted barrel.

In MP5K-PDW there is an additional personal Defense Weapon. Then, the MP5K-N which was released in 1991 was given a complementary feature in the form of a special folding stock.

The MP5SFA2 series does not have an automatic feature. However, in this variant there is still a single free (SF), fixed stock, and is equipped with the ability burst 1 item.

MP5SFA3 is one of the MP5SF models that has a folding stock. This rifle became a version carbine from MP5A3. An additional feature is a semi-automatic one shot.

MP5N is a special weapon commonly used by the navy. This variant has version dedicated forend weaponlight (installed flashlight). In addition, the MP5N is equipped with a special barrel with silencer, folding stock, and anti-rust components.

In fact, in the real world, the MP5F was built for the French military. The advantages of this gun are that it has a sling strap hook, strong internal components, and a rubber retainer.

Advantages of MP5

gun mp5 free fire

Weapon MP5 FF has several advantages that other weapons in Free Fire do not have. Here’s the review.

Weapons with the ability to fire many bullets in a short time are often targeted player Free Fire. However, only the MP5 has rate of fire at the same time high accuracy. Because of this, the weapon can be relied on at close to medium range.

Attachments is a complementary accessory to strengthen weapons in Free Fire. In this case, the MP5 has attachments complete, for example Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip, and Scope.

  • Has a High Shooting Speed

The MP5 weapon can be relied on for long-range combat up to 31 meters. The rifle takes about eight shots to kill enemies in the arena. If the firing is carried out at a distance of six meters, five rounds are required.

  • Capable of Conquering Recoil Wild Weapon

Mainstay weapon player Free Fire can conquer wild weapon recoil when paired with lower rail. For example, the MP5K equipped with lower rail through Foregrip can reduce horizontal recoil. Besides thatlower rail able to improve animation when wearing aim down sight.

Virus zombies that spread makes humans have to fight it in order to survive. Armed with weapons MP5, the resistance can be carried out smoothly. Because, gun it has stun high to eradicate zombies.

That’s a review about weapons MP5 frequently used by player Free Fire. Although the price of ammunition is cheap, the ability gun there is no need to doubt it. Hurry up and use it to beat your opponents in the arena!

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