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Microsoft Flight Simulator Announces Closed Beta Test Date

As we know that the current corona pandemic has an impact on all aspects of the industry, both films and games. But it seems that this is not a significant problem for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development of this game is proceeding according to the proper schedule. This is reinforced by the news that Asobo finally announced that the game is ready to go to the next stage.

They recently announced that this game will start entering a closed beta test on July 30, 2022. Previously they had also done an Alpha Test, and players who got the opportunity for the alpha test would also get a slot in the beta test. Others will be able to join in via an invite that will appear on Xbox Insiders.

But for now, there is no further news about how long this beta test will take. Reflecting on the alpha test that was carried out nine months ago, the closed beta test should not have lasted that long.

Some speculations say that this closed beta test is only for the finishing stage and in the near future you will be able to get this game at your favorite game store. So, is anyone looking forward to testing this game out?

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