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Loba Andrade Gives Many Weapons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has presented its fifth season with a variety of new content. And as I have told you in the previous article, Respawn Entertainment will add Loba Andrade, the son of a high-ranking Hammond Robotics who was massacred by Revenant. Although in the trailer a few days ago it was only shown Loba’s teleportation ability, but in today’s latest trailer, the developer Titanfall 2 It provides interesting details about the “thic” character.

New trailers Apex Legends today show details of Loba Andrade’s abilities in Apex Legends. The “thicc” girl with a graceful yet deadly appearance will have a Jump Drive bracelet named “Burglar’s Best Friend” if translated. Just like what you saw in the previous trailer, Loba’s bracelet will be able to make him teleport wherever you want. Including to the enemy’s back line and flanking.

Interestingly, Loba has a passive ability called “Eye for Quality” which can make him see Epic to Legendary equipment all over the map. Make it easy for Loba players to have the best loot that other players cannot get.

Ultimate Loba is called “Black Market Boutique”. With his special wand, Loba is able to open a shop containing several loots that will give you all loot near you in one container. Each of your teammates will be limited to choosing only two equipment.

But keep in mind, when Loba’s ultimate is active, it will be accessible to enemies. So, Loba players should be careful to activate it before being caught by enemies near you.

Season 5 Apex Legends will start, namely on May 12, 2022 or May 13, 2022 at around 00:00 WIB. While waiting for the event, you can enjoy the Battle Armor event that is currently being held.

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