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Metal Slug Tactics Strategy Game is in Development

The result of a collaboration between French developers – Dotemu and SNK has presented the latest strategy game Metal Slug. The latest entry from Metal Slug they named Tactics because it’s basically a strategy game.

Metal Slug Tactics itself was announced through the Summer Game Fest event today. Along with this, SNK also showed the first trailer of the game. This 2-minute trailer shows various actions from Metal Slug Tactics.

This run-and-gun side-scroller game requires you to keep moving and shooting at the same time. In addition, you can use various weapons and a tank to destroy your opponents.

In Metal Slug Tactics, you are required to send their units to the best locations to put themselves in a favorable situation. A mature strategy is certainly what is needed in this one game.

Go to the PC platform via Steam!

Metal Slug Tactics Strategy Game is in Development
Metal Slug Tactics | Gadgets

Not only that, first trailer it also features iconic characters from the Metal Slug series such as Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma. They are known to have their own special class assigned to each unit.

Despite all that, for now Metal SLug Tactics itself plans to go to PC via Steam only. However, it does not rule out that in the future Metal Slug Tactics will also go to other platforms.

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