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Meet Kenta, a New Character in Free Fire Complete Skill Explanation

FF friends, have you tried the new characters that are present through the latest Freee Fire update? This is a bit of a spoiler for you guys, Kenta actually had a fight with Hayato in the latest FF video entitled “The story behind Kenta!”.

Recently Free Fire has arrived updates the latest OB33 which presents a series of interesting content.

Not just an adjustment gameplay Of course, you can also play new characters in FF.

Make me jealous player If you don’t have another FF, Kenta has the ability or skills which is very useful when fighting in the field battlegrounds.

Past skills that Kenta has, you can place the position of this new FF character on the cutting edge to protect your squad.

Before discussing further about skills owned by Kenta, let’s find out first the biography of this latest FF character.

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Kenta’s Story

Kenta is a bodyguard as well as a sword maker for the Hayato Yagami family for many years.

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