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PlayStation Reportedly Will Unveil Xbox Games Pass Competitors Fastest Next Week

The presence of Xbox Game Pass does bring new innovations for gamers to enjoy video games at a more affordable price. With its increasing popularity, Sony is now reportedly preparing a competitor to the Game Pass.

After previously being rumored to be coming soon, the latest report from Bloomberg is now Sony is reportedly preparing to launch the new service as early as last week.

The service has been developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for a long time with the code name Project Spartacus. This service is claimed to combine two subscription services owned by Sony, namely PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

From a secret document that was seen by Bloomberg, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will have 3 levels to choose from with different features. The most expensive tier will give players access to additional demos and the ability to stream the game over the internet.

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The 3 tiers offered are said to be called Essential, Extra, and Premium. With a possible price that will be priced at $10 for Essential, $13 for Extra, and $16 for Premium.

PlayStation Studios | Sony

Sony is also said to be debuting its new service with a varied game lineup that will contain hit PlayStation games from the last few years. Reveal the source who asked to remain anonymous because the plan is a secret.

One of the leakers and also the host of the Giant Bomb Show, Jeff Grub also said that the Premium tier will provide free trials for all PlayStation’s first-party game titles.

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