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Meet First, 3 Payment Methods To Buy Games on Steam

For gamers who want to buy games on Steam, it’s a good idea to first identify the various payment methods available on Steam. In this article, we will discuss 3 payment methods/methods available on Steam, especially for Steam users from Indonesia.

By knowing the payment method, we know what method to use when we want to shop for games on Steam. Here are the 3 payment methods.

  1. Credit card

The first, of course, is a credit card payment method. By having a credit card, we can shop online practically and easily. Included on Steam. This is the primary payment method available on Steam. Credit cards that can be used on Steam are credit cards from Visa or MasterCard.

For those who do not have a credit card, there is no need to worry. You can still use alternative payment methods.

  1. eClub Points

The second is the payment method using eClub Points. This can be an alternative payment if you don’t have a credit card. Quoted from the Steam website, if you use eClub Points payments in Indonesia, you cannot enjoy the facilities refund available on Steam.

  1. Using Steam Wallet

The most effective solution for shopping games on Steam without a credit card is to use the Steam Wallet. Steam Wallet is available to all users on Steam. Later we can top up the balance on the Steam Wallet. Then we can use the balance to buy the game we want.

To top up the Steam Wallet, you can use a Steam voucher. This Steam Voucher can be purchased in various places. One of them you can buy Steam vouchers quickly, securely, and easily on UniPin. You just open, then go to the Steam voucher purchase page.Steam vouchers on UniPin

Later, the Steam voucher that you bought can be exchanged directly on Steam. If you buy a Steam voucher on UniPin, you can use various payment methods. Call it like:

So, those are the 3 payment methods available on Steam. If you don’t have a credit card but want to buy games on Steam, make sure you use the Steam Wallet.

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