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Let's Get To Know 4 Mola TV Subscription Packages To Make Streaming More Exciting

One of the most popular streaming service providers in Indonesia is Mola TV. For those of you who want to subscribe to Mola TV, of course you want to know the various subscription packages available at Mola TV. In this article, we will discuss 4 Mola subscription packages to make streaming even more exciting. Not only that, we will also discuss how to subscribe to Mola TV.

What is Mola TV?

Mola is a video streaming platform from Indonesia that offers a variety of content, both free and premium content. Various content available at Mola, for example: unlimited sports shows, a wide selection of exclusive films and world series, educational shows for children, as well as warm inspiring talks.

Mola TV presents their services in the form of multi-platform. So it can be accessed from various platforms. For example through the website, through the Android application, iOS application, and various other platforms. Mola TV’s web address is mole tv

Android users can download and install the Mola TV application on the Play Store. Likewise iOS users can download and install this app on the App Store.

How much does Mola TV subscription package cost?

Apart from providing access to free content, we can also enjoy premium content on Mola TV. To be able to enjoy premium content, we need to subscribe to Mola TV. Here are some of the subscription plans available at Mola.

  • Mola Standard Package. Contents that can be accessed in this package include: Mola Movies, Living, Kids. In this plan, the user limit allowed is 2 users in one subscription plan. The price for a standard plan subscription is 12,500/month.
  • Premium Package 1 month. Accessible content includes: Mola Movies + HBO GO, Kids, Sports & Living for 1 month. Premium plan subscription fee is 65 thousand/month.
  • 1 year Premium Package. We can also subscribe to premium packages on Mola TV. The cost is 500 thousand/year. With a 1 year subscription package, we can subscribe to Mola TV at a cheaper price.
  • Mola Polytron Streaming Package. In addition to the three packages, there is also a Mola Polytron Streaming package. In this package, users will get access to Mola Movies, Mola Living, Mola Sports, Mola Kids content for 1 year. This package can be obtained by purchasing a device Mola Polytron Streaming. The price is 1,198,800/device.mola premium package

Especially for the Euro 2022 event, Mola TV also presents Unlimited Euro Packages. Through this package, users only need to pay 25 thousand so they can enjoy streaming Euro content for free and unlimited.

How to Buy Mola TV Packages/How to Subscribe to Mola TV

Subscribing to Mola TV is easy. You can subscribe and pay directly through the Mola TV web. You can choose the package you want, then make a payment according to the package you choose. There are various choices of payment methods at Mola. Examples of these payment methods include:

  • Payment by bank transfer,
  • Payment by e-mailwallet,
  • Payment via Alfamart,
  • Payment via credit card.choose a subscription package

If you want to subscribe to Mola TV easily, you can also use UniPin. Here’s how to subscribe to Mola TV quickly and easily using UniPin.

  1. Go to web, then go to the page Mola TV subscription.
  2. Enter your Mola TV account email in the field provided.
  3. Next select the desired subscription package.
  4. Then you can select the payment method to be used. At UniPin, you can pay using various payment methods. Starting from bank transfers/virtual accounts, paying using credit, paying via Indomaret/Alfamart, paying using e-walletor various other payment methods.subscribe using UniPin
  5. Then just make a payment according to the payment method chosen.

After the payment is successful, the Mola TV subscription package will be active immediately. You can immediately enjoy the best streaming offerings on Mola TV.

Promo Info for Mola TV Subscription

So that you can subscribe to Mola more efficiently, you can also take advantage of the promos available on UniPin. To see the latest UniPin promos, you can check here: UniPin’s newest promo.

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