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Maxim Free Fire Character Reviews and Best Combos

Before Kla was introduced in Garena Free Fire, Maxim was a premium character that could only be obtained by paying 499 Diamonds. But now, you can buy it using 8,000 Gold.

For some people, skills Maxim may look strange because his ability is to use Medkits and is able to eat mushrooms faster than other ff characters. Is it useful? Here’s the review.

Characteristics Maxim Free Fire

maxim free fire character

Maxim’s appearance looks quite relaxed with typical youth clothes. It is typical YouTuber who likes broadcasts live when eating. No wonder, he has a high appetite. friendly impression, Maxim Free Fire can be a useful character, especially if you have a suitable Pet. With his abilities, Maxim Free Fire characters it is more suitable to be used for defense so you can use it when playing a duo or squad.

Skills You Should Use, and Which Should Be Avoided

maxim free fire skill

Skills Maxim Free Fire the main one is Gluttony which allows him to use Medkits and eat mushrooms faster from 2% to 12% at the highest level. This means that when in war, Maxim can recover faster and return to attack the enemy.

Indeed, this eating hobby is not a good character for novice players. Preferably, Maxim is used by players who already have a strategy so they know when to defend and when to keep attacking.

One of the weaknesses of Maxim is scaling which was low in the early levels so he seemed of little use to early games. Skillsit will only be felt when the Maxim level has started high.

At level 1, his eating speed will increase by 2% and increase by a multiple of 2 in every level except at level 5 and 7. At level 5, he will get items Foodie Jacket and get Maxim Achievement at level 7.

Meanwhile, since the type is defensive, this also means Maxim Free Fire less stable when used to attack the enemy. However, this deficiency can be covered if you use a suitable strategy when solo and have a capable tandem during Clash Squad.

Combination of Skill, Weapon, and Squad Maxim for Maximum

maxim character skills

With skills With Gluttony, you can indeed rely on its ability to defend against enemy attacks. When combined with the right weapons, such as an assault rifle, you can be the last player to survive in this Battle Royale game. At least, Maxim is a character to really rely on survival skills because the point of the game is not for war.

Here are things you need to pay attention to when using Maxim Free Fire:

  • Combine with A124’s Skills. A124’s ability is to convert EP to HP with Thrill of Battle. What makes it suitable for Maxim is that players can use skills A124 on the Maxim if it has both.
  • One team with DJ Alok. Another suitable character to fight alongside Maxim is DJ Alok. As a fairly strong character, DJ Alok can cover Maxim when you have to heal. You can use this combination for a duo game.
  • Played with Andrew. Andrew has the ability as armor specialists. So, can help Maxim to reduce damage when attacked by the enemy.

Tentative conclusions, Free Fire Maxim Skill indeed a character who needs to play in a duo or team so that his defensive abilities can be of maximum use. If it’s only defensive, of course the game will not be exciting because there is no resistance.

Tips for Using Maxim in FF

maxim free fire

To be able to use Maxim to its full potential, you have to be smart in managing game strategies and using the right Pet. Here are tips that you can use when using Maxim FF.

1. Use a Shiba Inu Pet

Maxim gets his powers by eating mushrooms. So, having Pet Shiba Inu helps Maxim to find the location of the mushrooms effectively. Well, because there are a lot of supplies, Maxim’s endurance and his Medkit supply will not run out.

2. Buy Pet Ottero

Pet Ottero adds EP when maxim uses Heal. So, if you feel there is no change when you eat mushrooms, Pet Ottero could be partner which helps increase your EP.

3. Eat the Right Mushrooms

In updates the latest, Free Fire strives to make the game more elaborate with environment and character. Well, the mushrooms in the arena also turned out to have different uses. Red mushrooms can add 50 points of Energy Point and are the easiest to find. Furthermore, yellow mushrooms can increase Energy Points up to 75 points, but are quite difficult to find among green grass.

Meanwhile, the orange mushroom is a fairly rare mushroom because its ability is among the highest, which is to add as much as 100 Energy Points. If you intend to continue to increase HP for Maxim, you may have to be a little observant to look around and find the mushroom.

4. Use Gloo Wall when Eating Mushrooms

When you’re focused on eating mushrooms, chances are you can become an easy target for enemies. For that, install Gloo Wall on the part that leads to the enemy. Even though Maxim’s eating ability is fast, you still have to wait for EP to turn into HP. After that, then you can go back to war.

At first glance, Maxim FF’s abilities don’t seem very useful or as great as other characters. However, because this is a Battle Royale game, sometimes the one who can survive can win and be the last player standing. The key is in strategy and survival so that HP doesn’t run out quickly.

In addition, pair Maxim Free Fire with other characters so that you can become a team that can attack the enemy. Imagine, the attacking combination of characters like Andrew, DJ Alok, or Paloma combined with Maxim’s defensive and Heal abilities, you can Booyah every time you play!

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