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Master League Becomes Paid DLC in eFootball 2022

Did you know that the PES name has now changed to eFootball? Konami’s franchise has indeed accompanied us for a long time under the name PES. Now the franchise has changed its name and will be released for free.

Since it’s free to play, it’s no surprise that the game will later have microtransactions in it. Sure enough, now Konami has prepared the first paid DLC for the game.

This first DLC will be in the form of Master League which is planned to be released at eFootball 2022 later. Through posts on TwitterKonami explained that eFootball 2022 is not completely free as expected.

Konami itself talks about the modes that were present in the previous PES game. We all know that these modes were previously free to play because PES is a paid game.

Free to play!

Master League Becomes Paid Dlc In Efootball 2022
eFootball 2022 | IGN

But now that it will be free to play soon, Konami will of course look for ways to make money. One of them is to make these modes as paid DLC.

One of these modes is the Master League. Unfortunately, until now there has been no further information regarding the price of this DLC Master League in eFootball 2022. This game is planned to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Android, iOS and PC on the 10th and 20th. next September 2022.

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