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Mango Jungle Pang, A Stress Reliever Adorable Block Game

Puzzle games do have their own charm. Not only entertaining, but also able to help train brain intelligence. game puzzle not limited by age. Anyone, both children and adults, can enjoy the game.

Currently, playing puzzle games can be done online. There are many games on the internet that offer genres puzzle. One that should not be missed is Mango Jungle Pang.

Curious why this game is recommended for you? Check out the following review!

Overview of Mango Jungle Pang

download mango jungle pang

Mango JunglePang is a block puzzle game for all ages developed by indoPlay. This 2022 game is colored with cute characters as the blocks. Jungle Pang Mango requires players to match as many blocks of the same picture as possible within a predetermined time limit.

The game can be accessed via PC, Android or iOS. Android users can install games through the Google Play Store, while iOS users can check the Apple Store. Then, there Mango Jungle Pang PC which can be installed by visiting the official website. There is a “Launcher Download” button that will download the game files for desktop devices only.

What are the Advantages of This Game?

mango jungle pang pc

Mango Jungle Pang has a variety of advantages that will make you feel at home playing. Curious? Check the following points!

Connect with lots of people

JunglePang can be played online and connected with other players. That means, you can grow your community and you won’t be able to experience the excitement of the game alone. If you have family or friends you want to play with, add them to your friends list Mango IndoPlay Online. Of course, competing with many people makes the game more challenging!

Attractive graphics, sound effects and interface

The game has an adorable animal theme. IndoPlay designed animal characters with various colors to spoil the eyes during the game. The quality of the graphics is also slick and not boring.

While playing, you will also be accompanied by sound effects every time the block moves or breaks. In addition, Jungle Pang offers a simple and beautiful interface so you can easily access the menus.

Gameplay exciting

Playing block puzzle games is basically simple. However, it’s useless if there are no challenges. Fortunately, Jungle Pang offers gameplay which is fun and addictive. The difficulty level of the game keeps increasing as the levels go up so you have to keep racking your brain to complete it. This is where the fun lies gameplay Jungle Pang Mango!

How to Play Jungle Pang?

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Like most block puzzle games, Mango Jungle Pang requires the player to spend as many blocks as possible to get a high score. For more details, see the following explanation.

Register or Login

First of all, you have to register or enter the game. This step can be done by email or Facebook account. If you’ve already registered, just click Login with your account and play Jungle Pang. For those who still want to try, there is no need to register or log in. Just press the Guest Login button and test the fun!

Rules and Arrangements

The rules are very simple: you have to score as much as possible in 60 seconds. How to score? Pay attention to the animal blocks on your screen. There are blocks of elephants, zebras, monkeys, hippos, giraffes, squirrels and turtles. You just have to match 3 or more of the same blocks vertically or horizontally.

When pairing 4 blocks, you will get a special block that can be used to destroy many blocks horizontally or downwards. Meanwhile, matching 5 of the same blocks will give you a special block that acts like a bomb. The more combos, the bar for the rainbow special block will be fully filled and can be used to score higher.

Each game session requires one apple. If you exit before completing the game, the apple will not be returned. There are also Diamonds to buy buff additions that will support the smooth running of the game.

Buff Addition

  • Quick Hints — Gives hints for 20 seconds to maintain combos.
  • Combo Time Extender — Extend combo time.
  • Time Extender — Added 5 seconds to a game session.
  • Special Blocks — Start the game with 4 special blocks.

Jungle Pang Mango Game Top Up Place

game mango jungle online

Want to top up without the need to register first? Just do it Mango Jungle Pang top up via UniPin! As payment gateway game-only online, UniPin provides easy, fast and cheap payments for your favorite games.

How to top up-his? First of all, visit the indoPlay top up special page on the UniPin website. You will find a column to fill in the User ID at the top of the page. If you don’t know the username, just check the profile in the Jungle Pang application or check through the indoPlay site by pressing the “View Profile” button.

The next step, determine the denomination you want to get. You can choose from 10,000 to 500,000 Gold. It should be noted, all the Gold in your Jungle Pang account will be integrated with all games published by indoPlay.

Next, select the payment path according to your taste. UniPin offers a variety of methods to suit everyone. For example, physical vouchers, debit or credit cards, online banking, non-bank outlets, bank transfers, digital wallets, as well as SMS and cellular. Follow the next step until it’s finished, the Gold will go directly to your account. Instant, right?

That’s the review about Mango Jungle Pang, a block puzzle game that is fun and can relieve your stress. In addition, this game is suitable for sharpening brain intelligence in your spare time. Thanks to its easy installation on the device mobile or desktop, you can play this game anywhere and anytime. Provided, always make sure that the device is connected to the internet, yes!

Curious how gameplay-his? Come on, Download Mango Jungle Pang now on the app store and the official indoPlay website!

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