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Mango Chinese Chess, Packs Xiangqi Fun in Device

Tired of classic chess games? Why not try xiangqi just? This Chinese board game has pieces that are similar to regular chess. However, the difference lies in the steps each chess piece can take.

Now, play xiangqi no need to bother. With just a smart phone or personal computer, you can try out this unique game. There are many game apps xiangqi scattered on the internet. It is just, Mango Chinese Chess be an option that you should try.

Want to know the reason? Find out through the following reviews!

Overview of Mango Chinese Chess

download mango chinese chess

Chinese Chess Mango is a Chinese chess game released by indoPlay in 2022. This online game has been downloaded more than 5,000 times and can be played for free. Chinese Chess tells of two kingdoms, Chu and Han, who are at war. In order to win the battle, each side must be able to protect its own general and defeat the opposing general.

The installation of this game can be done on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Mango Chinese Chess PC can be downloaded via the “Launcher Download” button on the indoPlay official website. Meanwhile, the Android and iOS versions of Chinese Chess can be installed via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Advantages of Chinese Chess Mango

mango chinese chess pc

There are various advantages that make Chinese Chess Mango suitable to accompany your daily life. Anything? Check out the following points!

Light and fun game

Not everyone has a device with a free memory capacity. For owners of minimal RAM and ROM devices, Mango Chinese Chess will not take up space, let alone slow down system performance. The app is only about 50 MB in size and the game loads very fast too. So, you can play every session without having to face lag or loading screen long.

Attractive graphics, interface and sound effects

In digital games, visuals and audio are one of the factors to be considered gamers. Chinese Chess Mango has pretty classic graphics, but still catches the eye. In addition, the sound effects that appear every time you press the menu button or are in a gaming session also make the game feel more real. Next, Chinese Chess Mango presents a neat and easy-to-read interface so it doesn’t confuse the players.

Gameplay fun with multiplayer

game offline of course different from the version on line. A device game that can only be accessed online offline will confront you with AI (Artificial Intelligence), not a real player. For practice, games like that are really fun. However, if you want to be more challenging, of course you have to choose an online game that provides access to multiplayer. Gameplay Chinese Chess Mango will be much more fun with real players!

How to Play Chinese Chess Mango

mango chinese chess top up

Before you start, know the rules of the Chinese chess game!

Board Arrangement

The Chinese chessboard consists of 10 horizontal lines and 9 vertical lines with the pieces played above their intersection points. Each side of the board is called a “palace”, encompassing nine positions and four diagonal lines forming the letter “X” in the center. Then, the line that divides the two sides is called the “river”, drawn on the 5th and 6th horizontal lines. The rivers in question are “Chu River” and “Han Border”, adapted from the Chu–Han War.


The chess pieces in this game are printed with Chinese characters. Here are the various pieces and their moves:

  • General — Move one point horizontally or vertically, may not move diagonally, and is limited to the palace area only.
  • Bodyguard/Advisor — Can move one point diagonally and is limited within the palace area.
  • Elephant — Move two points in any diagonal direction. Do not jump over other pieces or cross rivers.
  • Horse — Move one point vertically or horizontally, then one point diagonally. Cannot step over other pieces.
  • Train — Move like a fortress, that is, step horizontally and vertically without being limited by points.
  • Cannon — Just like the carriage, but the cannon must step over other pieces.
  • Soldier — Only move forward one point.

Top Up Mango Chinese Chess Here!

game mango chinese online

How is a fast, easy, and safe way to Mango Chinese Chess top up? Just use UniPin, payment gateway trusted game-only online. No need to bother to register first, top up the game can be directly done on the official website.

There are several stages that need to be considered. First, enter the User ID of the Chiness Chess Mango account into the field provided. Username can also be checked through the indoPlay site by clicking “View Profile”.

After that, click the desired denomination. The nominal top up for indoPlay ranges from 10,000 to 500,000 Gold. Even more convenient, you don’t have to top up every time you play games made by indoPlay. That’s because one account you have can be used for all game applications from this developer, including Capsa Banting, Cats Rush, Chess, Domino, Domino QiuQiu, Capsa SusunSpace Story, and Jungle Pang.

Have you determined the amount you need? Time to move on to the payment stage. There are various channels available on UniPin, ranging from credit or debit cards, online banking, non-bank outlets, bank transfers, SMS and cellular, physical vouchers, and digital wallets. UniPin itself has the method of UP Gift Card, UniPin Credits, and UP Gift Card Points. Complete the payment process and the Gold will immediately enter your game account!

How? Interested to try Mango Chinese Chess? For those of you who are tired of ordinary chess and want to try Asian-style chess, this game will be your best friend in your spare time. Not only gameplayThe fun thing is, you can also compete with players around the world for the title of “Xiangqi Master”.

Can’t wait to try the game? Download Mango Chinese Chess now on the Play Store, App Store, or the official indoPlay website!

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