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Mango Domino 99, a game that is suitable for brain teasers and strategy battles

Happy with games that rely on precision, focus, and strategy? Just try the domino game made by indoPlay, Mango Domino 99! The game adapts the concept of domino Qiu Qiu, a Chinese game still related to Pai Gow. Its fun and challenging concept is guaranteed to get rid of your boredom!

Before playing, know the things about this game first, let’s go!

Overview of Mango Domino 99

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Domino Qiu Qiu is a game made by indoPlay that was released in 2022. This game involves 2–7 people and 28 standard dominoes. The players must make the best combination of cards in order to win. In addition to the main mode, Domino 99 Mango is equipped with various minigames and interesting features.

This game can be played on PC or mobile. For Android and iOS-based devices, you can directly check the Google Play Store or App Store. Meanwhile, for the PC version, just download it via the indoPlay official website. Click the “Launcher Download” link, then wait for the download process to complete. Next, open the file, select a save location, and run the installation. Domino QiuQiu Mango is ready to play!

What are the advantages?

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There are various advantages that make Mango Domino deserves to be your friend in your spare time. Anything?

Can be played anytime and anywhere

Domino QiuQiu can be accessed 24/7, as long as you have an internet connection on the device. In addition, the game supports various versions, such as from PC, Android, and iOS. Whether you want to play during work breaks, sit on public transportation, or vacation at home, Domino 99 will faithfully accompany you. What’s more, you can play it with many people, be it family, friends, or even people from abroad!

Equipped with various fun modes

Playing one type of mode over and over again will certainly make you bored. Fortunately, Domino QiuQiu Mango has a variety of fun modes. The main mode itself carries a cumbersome concept that requires players to make two sets of combinations. You can also win games with other combinations, such as Twin Series, Six Devil Series, Small Series, and Big Series.

In addition, Domino 99 provides two mini games which is not too serious, but still fun to play. First, there is the High Low which can involve multiplayer and last only a short time. You can analyze up to 100 stories in the minigame. Second, there are mini games Snail Contest that requires you to guess the winner aka the fastest snail!

Varied features

There are various features that complete the fun of this game. You name it, features mini jackpot which only applies to main mode, daily missions to get free Gold, chat system and emoticons, sound effects, events specials, Room choices according to preferences, and sending Gold for friends. Not to mention, the one ID that you create can be used to play all the games released by indoPlay, lo!

How to Play it?

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Played Mango Domino indoPlay actually very easy, as long as you understand the rules. Come on, understand the system through the following explanation!


The objective of the game is similar to Pai Gow, which is to divide four cards into two sets of cards. The point total of each set of cards must have digits as close to 9 as possible. The word “qiu” or “kiu” referred to in this game comes from a Chinese dialect. Hence, the name Domino QiuQiu also means 99, the most likely number to win the game.

Players and Cards

Domino QiuQiu Mango is played with the number of standard dominoes used in Indonesia, which is 28 cards. The card structure is similar to a domino set double-6 Western style: each card has 0 to 6 dots on each side. Then, there is one card that has each of the most possible combinations, from 0-0 to 6-6.

Meanwhile, for the number of players, Domino 99 involves 2 to 7 people. This game is much better when played with more people, especially with 6 players as the ideal number. The turn of play will be done clockwise. Before starting, each player must agree on the bet amount, including the minimum and maximum numbers.

Card Combination Rank

There are 4 types of special cards that can be winners. Starting from the highest to the lowest, including:

  1. Six Gods — 4 cards contain 6 dots.
  2. Four Balaks — any 4 cards from double-7.
  3. Pure Big — A set of 39 points.
  4. Pure Small — A set of no more than 9 points.

Top Up Mango Domino 99 is Here!

how to top up mango

Want to make your game more fun? Straight to top up the game is over UniPin! The method? First, fill in the User ID listed in your Domino 99 account. You can also check through the official indoPlay website by clicking “View Profile”.

Then, select the denomination according to taste. Mango IndoPlay nominal provided by UniPin, ranging from 10,000 Gold to 500,000 Gold. Specially, the credits that you have purchased are not only valid for Domino QiuQiu, but can also be used in all games released by indoPlay.

After that, continue with choosing a payment method. UniPin provides various instant methods, including physical vouchers, digital wallets, credit, bank transfers, non-bank outlets, online banking, as well as debit and credit cards.

You can do all these stages without registering first, lo. Very quick and easy, huh? So, just visit UniPin and buy Mango indoPlay as you wish to support your game!

Interesting and informative review, right? Mango Domino 99 is not only cool in terms of graphics and features, but also in terms of gameplay. This game can also be played anywhere and anytime, as long as the internet network is always connected to your device.

What are you waiting for? Download Mango Domino PCAndroid, or iOS right now here!

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