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Makoto Shinkai Reveals Few Mistakes in Weathering With You

We all know that almost all of Makoto Shinkai’s works are masterpieces that always satisfy the audience’s expectations. And one of them is Weathering With You. But recently the director revealed a mistake he made in the Weathering With You anime.

Through his Twitter account, Makoto Shinkai revealed that there are small or even almost imperceptible differences between the theatrical version and the recently released BD version. But there is one opportunity that clearly stands out. It was a scene where the main characters Hodaka and Hina floated over Tokyo. In the theatrical version Shinkai says he “forgot to add a cloud layer.”


As a comparison reference, he also added an improved version of the home video.

The response from fans also varied. But on average they do not mind the existence of these “small errors”.

The home video version of Weathering With You was released in Japan on May 27. Meanwhile, in the US, GKIDS will release their digital version on August 4th and a Blu-ray and DVD version on September 15th. And the collector’s version was released November.

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