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Mainstay Hero Mage with Magic Umbrella Power

Kagura is known as a hero mage the prettiest in the Mobile Legends game. The addition of a magic umbrella as a weapon also succeeded in making his face look cute. Behind his sweet appearance, who would have thought that this one hero was able to kill enemies quickly, you know. Want to know more about how it performs Kagura Mobile Legend? Check out the following explanation.

The History of the Emergence of Kagura

the history of the emergence of kagura

When viewed from the origin, Kagura Mobile Legend is a descendant of the oldest family, strong, and great at controlling Onmyouji—the art of balance Yin and Which. This is what then makes Kagura hold an important position as a master in the clan Onmyouji.

To improve his performance, Kagura has an umbrella which is an heirloom of great power inherited from generations onmyouji. It is said that the power of Kagura’s magic umbrella comes from the hundreds of spirits that live in it. Interestingly, this magic umbrella can only be controlled by its rightful owner.

Talking about Kagura, then it’s not enough if you haven’t listened to his love story. It is said that Kagura is the lover of assassin heroes, Hayabusa. The two are childhood friends who used to spend a lot of time together. After growing up, feelings of love grew between Kagura and Hayabusa.

In the story, Kagura once followed Hayabusa to the Land of Dawn to help her lover complete a mission of revenge against the witches who had attacked Hayabusa village. Uniquely, Hayabusa and Kagura are involved in a dramatic love triangle with the hero marksmanHanabi.

Strengths and weaknesses Hero Mage Kagura

the strengths and weaknesses of the hero mage kagura

After studying the origin Kagura Mobile Legendnow it’s your turn to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of Kagura as a hero mage? This is the answer.

· Excess

  1. Kagura has damage large and able to finish off a number of opponents at once.
  2. Have escape mechanism patent of skills Rasho Umbrella Flee capable of replacing Battle Spell with Retribution to speed up the process farming in the forest.
  3. Kagura’s performance will be very effective if he is in the same team with hero others can do disable AoEnamely the ability to collect one hero in one hero.
  4. Can move his magic umbrella close to a blurred target.
  5. Own cooldown short one.

· Lack

  1. Relatively weak resistance
  2. Not suitable for beginners because the controls are quite difficult
  3. It will be easy to attack if playing without an umbrella or in a state cooldown
  4. Weak against heroes Aurora, Lancelot, Natalia, Helcurt, and Gusion

Skills Kagura

kagura skills

Before playing this character, player need to know what skills which are owned Kagura Mobile Legend so they can compete well.

· Skills Passive

Kagura has skills passive named Yin Yang Gathering. With his magic umbrella, Kagura is able to produce damage up to 280 with effects stun which lasts for 0.5 seconds and the effect slow by 60% for 2 seconds. Both effects can be reused after 4.5 seconds.

· Skills Active

  1. Skills 1: Seimei Umbrella Open

Skills this allows Kagura to throw the umbrella in the desired direction and is able to give damage 330/385/440/495 to his opponent. Besides that, Seimei Umbrella Open can also cause effects slow by 60% for 1 second.

  1. Skills 2: Rasho Umbrella Flee

If Kagura uses Seimei Umbrella, skills it can erase all Debuff and help it move in the desired direction and let go Seimei in that place.

If you play without Seimei Umbrella, skills 2 will help Kagura move towards the umbrella position and pick it up. As a result, Kagura was able to give damage 205/230/255/280/305/330 to nearby enemies.

  1. Skills 3: Yin Yang Overturn

Last is skills 3, that is Yin Yang Overturn. With Seimei Umbrella, skills 3 able to give effect knockback and effects slow accompanied by 300/330/360 pts magic damage.

Meanwhile, Kagura can cause 225/247.5/270 pts magic damage around the umbrella and reduce movement speed without Seimei Umbrella. It doesn’t stop there, the enemy will be pulled by a chain for 3 seconds as a magic damage addition.

Know Build Kagura Mobile Legend as the Key to Victory

Get to know the Kagura Mobile Legend build as the key to victory

In order to maximize magic power Kagura Mobile Legendyou can add some build items as follows:

  1. Beast Killer

At the beginning of the game, this item is quite useful because its advantages can kill monsters quickly. Besides, passing Beast Killer you can get extra armor.

  1. Lightning Truncheon

With Lightning TruncheonKagura can get extra +75 Magic Power and +30 Where’s Regen. As a result, as many as three enemies will be injured by 150% Magic Power Damage.

  1. Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand able to give three important attributes to the character who uses it, namely +400 HP, +750 magic power, and +5% Movement SPD. As for the effects resulting from items this is to burn the opponent for 3 seconds with magic damage 2%-4%.

  1. Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper offers +70 Magic Power+10% Cooldown Reductionand +400 Mana.

  1. Rapid Boots

If you want to increase the speed of Kagura’s mobility in laneyou can buy Rapid Boots which can give 90 Movement Speed.

  1. Holy Crystal

With magic power, skills hero mage will be painful for the opponent. Now, items this one will increase 25% Magic Power Kagura and gives an additional +90 Magic Power.

  1. Necklace Of Durance

Necklace Of Durance can provide additional HP while reducing cooldown.

Guide to Playing Kagura Mobile Legend a la RRQ Lemon

guide to playing kagura mobile legend ala rrq lemon

As explained in Kagura’s lack of points, hero mage This one is known to have difficult controls. If you want to learn to control it, come on, learn directly from the expert, namely RRQ Lemon.

  • Kagura needs company tank heroes to get Buff.
  • Don’t forget to take Buff Gold to increase stats gold and the level.
  • Take as much as possible Buff Turtle.
  • Do proper initiation before doing ganking to the opponent.
  • Search timing the right thing to go forward and always do backup to get kill.

That’s a review about guide Kagura Mobile Legend from origin, skills, build items, as well as tips for playing RRQ Lemon’s Kagura. Good luck!

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