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Luqueta Free Fire Character Profiles and Abilities, Suitable for Solo Play!

Free Fire is indeed a game that encourages players gamer to collaborate with each other. Even so, there is nothing wrong if you choose to play solo or alone. Moreover, there are several characters that support this style of play. One of them is Luqueta Free Fire character.

Who is Luqueta?

luqueta free fire character
  • Name : Luqueta
  • 20 years old
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Occupation: Student
  • Friend : Misha

Luqueta is one of the Free Fire characters inspired by famous figures in the real world. The figure is a young soccer player from Brazil, Lucas Paqueta. Although still young, Paqueta has become one of the mainstays of the Brazilian National Team. In addition, Paqueta has also played for AC Milan and is currently part of the French club, Olympique Lyon.

Like Paqueta, Luqueta is a young figure who has high expertise in playing football. Even so, Luqueta is not a football player, but a student majoring in business. The decision to study business majors was the wish of his parents. Her father wanted Luqueta to get an MBA and continue the family business.

Unfortunately, Luqueta’s wishes are 180 degrees different from those of her parents. Since childhood, Luqueta has an athletic body. When one time changing schools, Luqueta was involved in a football match. From that experience, he knew that he had great strengths and talents in playing football. This ability then made him a popular person and he believes he will become a famous football player in the future.

Skills and the Abilities of Luqueta Free Fire

luqueta free fire skills

Luqueta Free Fire abilities make this character you can use flexibly. You can use it to play solo or do a combination skills with other characters. Skills special Luqueta named hat trick, which allows him to gain permanent HP capacity increments for each kill.

Skills You can upgrade specifically for Luqueta to the highest level, which is level 6. The following is a more complete description of the special ability level of Luqueta Free Fire:

Level 1

Luqueta Free Fire abilities at the basic level gives an increase in HP capacity of 8 points for each kill. You can get these additions to the highest point, which is 35 HP.

Level 2

When Luqueta rose to level 2, skills special hat trick hers also increased. You will get an additional HP capacity of 10 points per hour killa maximum of 35 HP.

Level 3

You can get more HP capacity increases when you successfully raise Luqueta’s character to level 3. You will get an additional 12 HP capacity per killreaches a maximum of 35 HP additional.

Level 4

Luqueta Free Fire skills level 4 gives an additional 14 HP for each kill. You can get additional HP up to 35 points.

Level 5

Skills hat trick level 5 will be unlocked if you manage to level up your Luqueta Free Fire character to level 6. At this point, you can get an additional 16 points of HP, a maximum of 36 points, for each kill.

Level 6

The highest level special ability, which is level 6 will be unlocked when Luqueta reaches level 8. At this point, you will gain a maximum HP increase of 18 points per killa maximum of 35 points.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Luqueta

luqueta free fire abilities

Luqueta is indeed included as one of the characters overpowered (OP) in Free Fire. Even so, Luqueta is not a perfect character. There are also advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.

Advantages of Luqueta Free Fire

There are quite a few advantages that you can get from Luqueta, including:

  1. Skills passive. Luqueta’s special ability is named hat trick passive. Therefore, skills You can use this to the fullest without having to pay attention to time cooldown.
  2. Very strong survival ability. If you use Luqueta, you will have no difficulty in defeating the enemy. Moreover, when the game reached the stage circle end. In that situation, Luqueta will have more HP capacity than other characters. As a result, you will be more difficult to beat by other players.
  3. Easy to use. The way to operate Luqueta Free Fire characters is very easy. You can use it when you want to play aggressively and even attack the enemy alone. More and more kill that you managed to get, the HP capacity of your character also increases.

At the same time, Luqueta is also suitable when combined with other characters. Some of the characters that suit Luqueta include DJ Alok and Andrew. Combining these two can significantly increase Luqueta’s defense.

Disadvantages of Luqueta Free Fire

In addition to having the advantages mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages to the character of Luqueta, such as:

  • Not friendly for novice gamers. This character does look OP. However, for those of you who are beginners FF gamers, operating Luqueta can be a difficult thing. The toughest challenge playing Luqueta is getting kill as much as possible at the start of the game.
  • Not suitable for the team. You can indeed use Luqueta together with other characters. However, the collaboration between Luqueta and other characters is one-way. Luqueta’s passive ability is only useful for herself.

Meanwhile, he could obtain benefits from the special abilities of other characters. With such reasons, it is not surprising to call Luqueta a character who is not suitable to play with the team.

Well, that’s information about the complete profile and abilities of the Luqueta Free Fire character. Getting Luqueta Free Fire characters is very practical. You can buy Luqueta’s Character Box at shop at 50 diamonds. Diamonds you can get the Luqueta character purchase by doing top up use vouchers UniPin. You can buy vouchers at Indomaret or on line.

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