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Luo Yi, a very effective support hero destroys the enemy's strategy

Luo Yi is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who is famous for his Yin and Yang abilities. In the game, this hero acts as a Mage. Luo Yi has three skills, namely Dispersion, Rotation, and Diversion.

Many make Luo Yi a Support hero because it is very active in rotation. So, the burden on the team in facing the opponent will be lighter. This hero also has high abilities, even at the beginning games. That’s why no one dared to block Luo Yi’s attack

Luo Yi’s Sickest Build You Can Use

luo yi ml

To play Luo Yi, you need to use some build items. The goal is that hero this can be maximal against the enemy in the match. Here are the options items what you can try and why:

Magic Shoes

One of build items in Mobile Legends which is widely used by players hero is Magic Shoes. Function items this is to help increase the movement speed of the hero to be faster. With Magic Shoes, Luo Yi will get +40 Movement Speed ​​and 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Calamity Reaper

Furthermore, you can also choose items Calamity Reaper in the early stages of the game. Items this can be an important capital for hero to get +70 Magic Power, +30 Mana Regen, +100 Mana, and +10% Cooldown Reduction. Luo Yi’s Basic Attack can also deal 120% True Damage by Magic Attack because items this.

Ice Queen Wand

Build items another for hero Luo Yi is the Ice Queen Wand. Items this is useful for getting +75 Magic Power, +150 Mana, +10 Magical Lifesteal, and +7% Movement Speed. With items this, the opponent will also feel the effect slow by 15% when hit damage from Luo Yi.

Concentrated Energy

Use it too build items Concentrated Energy to get +700 HP, +70 Magic Power, and +25% Magical Lifesteal. When Luo Yi defeated hero On the other hand, he will also get an additional 10% HP which is part of the unique passive.

Blood Wings

Finally, use it too build items Blood Wings to get an additional +500 HP and +150 Magic Power. This is items mandatory for hero which has the Mage type.

Various Advantages of Hero Luo Yi

luo yi mlbb

Hero Luo Yi has a number of advantages that you can take advantage of in the game. Here are some of them:

Deadly Damage in Early Game

Lou Yi’s most outstanding strength was the ability to create damage big on early game. Damage can be produced from alloy skills The first is Dispersion and skills The second is rotation.

With this ability, hero hit opponent skill combos could die right away. Therefore, on early gameyou are recommended to join war actively. Don’t just stand still because your abilities will be in vain.

Stun effect against many enemy heroes

Another advantage that Lou Yi MLBB has is the ability to create effects stun on the opponent. Skills this can cause damage the big one. Hero can produce effect stun with skill combos first (Dispersion) and skills second (Rotation).

The reaction caused by the alloy skills Lou Yi’s first and second are called Yin and Yang reactions. Not just one or two hero affected, but five hero at a time.

Distant Blink Skill

blink skill is the ability to transport hero team and move it to another distant place. blink skill it is part of ultimate skills Lou Yi Mobile Legend is Diversion.

Utility blink skills is to chase opponents who are far away. You can also use it to dodge your opponent if you are under pressure. We recommend aiming at the bushes when using blink skills so that the opponent does not notice your position.

Useful for Supporting Team

Because of ability stun and blink owned by Lou Yi, this hero is very important for the team. Your team will be able to fight effectively because it can make the opponent experience stun simultaneously while bringing the team to move to distant places.

With these advantages, it is not surprising that Luo Yi is considered suitable to be hero Support. In that role, hero will also have the opportunity to earn points kill nor assist. Especially because hero Luo Yi also always comes along hero main and do a lot war.

Tips for playing Hero Luo Yi

luo yi mobile legend

There are challenges that are not easy to play hero Luo Yi in order to create combo attack. Even his Yin and Yang skills needed to be combined in order to produce crowd control. So, here are some tips that you can try yourself.

Aggressive In Early Game

Luo Yi ML’s abilities can be used from the start of the game. Therefore, so that damage maximum results, start playing aggressively from the start. Luo Yi also has skills passive called Duality. This is an ability known as the Yin and Yang mark. With this ability, hero enemy will get effect stun 1 second.

Optimize Blink Skill for Ganking

Luo Yi’s teleportation ability had to be used as effectively as possible. This ability is very useful for ganking or strike together suddenly.

The challenge is, you have to take into account the destination zone well. Do not let, when changing places, your team even becomes an easy target for the opponent. However, feel free to use it as often as possible as long as it is calculated.

Well, here are some important things you need to know about hero Luo Yi. To play optimally, you can equip the hero with a number of build items. For a more exciting playing experience, make sure you buy it first diamonds via UniPin. Transaction top up can be completed easily through the various payment methods available.

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