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Lius Andre's Prediction About MPL Season 10, Will There Be a New Name? Games

MPL Season 9 enter the playoffs. This season, the biggest esports franchise league in Indonesia is still followed by 8 teams. Rumors of adding slots to increase the attraction and level of competition are often launched towards the end of the MPL Season

Sadly, MPL Indonesia does not increase the number of participants. The newest thing regarding participants is only the change of the slot that was previously filled with Genflix Aerowolf into Rebelion Zion. However, rumors of an MPL slot are hotly debated. One of them was said by the former manager of Moonton Esports, Lius Andre.

In an interview on the VDVC Esports YouTube channel, Ko Lius talked about starting his career before joining Moonton and how the process of creating a franchise league in MPL was. He also revealed how the process carried out by MPL and franchisee members every season, including considering the need to add slots for new teams.

“If it is said to add the slot, fyi (for your information) is discussed every season. Like this season, are we going to open slots or not? Continue to consider one thing or another,” said Ko Lius. He added that the problem with slots was not only the ability of sports teams to pay for franchises whose prices had increased from the original value of Rp. 15 billion rupiah.

Returning to the discussion of the new team in MPL Season 10, Ko Lius suspects that at least next season there will be a new name. Unfortunately, it is still a prediction and cannot be confirmed. “But if you ask about when there will be a new team entering MPL, my guess is, my prediction for next season (MPL S10) is at least one,” said the former Dewa United coach.

This is in line with Azwin Nugraha’s statement as Moonton’s Public Relations Manager. Rumors of slot sales had appeared in the MPL Season 7 phase, he mentioned that there were discussions with various teams regarding slots for new members in MPL.

“In response to the latest news posted by BOOM Esports or other parties. We can clarify that we are currently in talks with several teams for future Slot Sale opportunities for Season 7 and Season 8.”

Despite the high price of the MPL franchise, it is undeniable that many esports teams are trying to become part of the franchise. A stronger competition system for players and clear advantages for each team, this format is advantageous in the long run compared to the regular league tournament system.

Many teams are currently fighting for their dream to play in MPL. Dewa United and Geng Kapak continue to lobby sound owners to get certainty so that they can appear in MPL Indonesia in the near future. There are also several teams that are currently taking part in MDL definitely want to be promoted to play in the highest caste in the Indonesian Mobile Legends competition.

Is season 10 the right time to add slots for MPL participants?

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